The Ingenuity of the Bear Trap Spider for '16

I decided to make a discussion on the the new spiders as to not spam the current discussion.

So as everyone knows, we are getting bear traps for spiders. We can be sure of the fact because of the teeth and the theme, hunting. The bear trap itself is going to be hinged. If you look on Umarak's shoulders, he uses the a half of the spider for shoulder pads. The body is three pieces, two bear trap halves and a Barraki eye. The legs are all different, meant to fit their environment, examples being the spider with vine legs, regular legs, and propellers for legs (lol). They are only come with the creatures (no BTSs at Toas' feet, only the creatures).

The ingenuity is that the Spiders in lore will be able to move themselves in the environment they are in, and then set themselves up as bear traps. Soon a creature comes by and SNAP! A kid in real life makes the hinge grab onto it's leg, allowing Umarak to come get the creature for whatever diabolic reasons (might be pushing it there, hopefully Umarak can some how communicate with these spiders to know when a trap gets a catch).

What are your thoughts on this conflict in a box? Anymore speculation? Should we give them a different name? Discuss!

(Update will come tomorrow)


I want one of those. NOW.

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Spiders were great last year, but BEAR FRIGGIN' TRAPS IN ALL THE TOA (presumably) it FANTASTIC.

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Makes more sense to discuss them here - better than trying to discuss it in the 2016 topic at the moment.

As for the ingenuity, you are correct, from the looks of things the new pieces introduced for the bear-trap creatures are reused for most the sets. They look interesting and the pieces they are made from seem to be good for MOC'ing also, but we'll see about that more when we get better pictures.

Out of the Winter Wave, they and the creatures intrigue me the most at the moment


I think the idea is fantastic, and the parts are fantastic as well laughing

Am I the only one who feels that bear traps are a bit too violent for Lego? I mean, they are infamous for being incredibly painful and bloody, and occasionally cause severing of limbs....


this sounds like it should be accurate

it'd be funny if lewa stepped in one, just to continue his tradition of bad luck


I hope LoSS comes back as LoBTS.
Seriously, the build is good and am looking forward to it.


aka Gadunka with six legs :stuck_out_tongue:


Remember, bio-mechanical? It would most likely damage the outer part of their metallic limbs.

I'm thinking that the bear trap spiders don't just sit in place for a trap, I think that after they get a creature, they begin dragging the creature back to Umarak...

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Silly Rockho, spiders generally have four legs. I guess your six leg idea would work too, but an eight legged spider sounds ridiculous.


It would take more than a couple of the Spiders to carry them to him, they are rather small with small legs.

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Because swords, guns, spears, flails (anyone seen Gladiator?), amung other things totally aren't painful and bloody. :stuck_out_tongue: And most of those things sever limbs more then occasionally.

I personally really like the idea. Conflict in a box while not redoing a spider/bug type thing, there's few things they could have done, and this is very creative.


as an update it appears every region has a unique bear trap, with galis having propellers, Tahus having lava legs,onuas having drills and lewas having vines.

I wouldn't be surprised if the ice one was a pick and the stone was bone or somthing


are the bear traps in the toa sets? I thought in the creature sets.

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I don't think so. I don't see any bear traps near their feet, only near the creatures.

Added it to the first post.

there probably will considering there supposed to be the conflict in box, though maybe umarak only has 6 and made each for one creature

I question are the "Bear Trap Spiders" evolved/mutated Skull Spiders?

I dont see how, I think they're just some kinda creature Umarak controls. But man how long have I wanted beartraps.