The Inika build challenge

This is a moc contest for only inika builds. Also no custom all has to be pre built stuff like what you would see in a set. There will be two other judges if peeps volunteer and send me a PM of the Mocs once they are done.
Good luck!!!


Finally something that I’m good at! :smiley:

I have a question though.

Am I allowed to do something like this to make the MOC taller?


Does this count only for the torso or have the legs have to be also just the inika build ?

What’s the deadline for submissions?

@Oniwah yes you can do that

@MakutaKirakh everything has to be inika build no custom
@ChaoticTempleKnight the deadline is September 30 12:00am

7 days

Well we better start building

Inika Builds? I give up…

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I’d join if I could find my Inika peices from the glatorian.

Inika builds are easy hence the point if this contest

can I substitute the inika torso for a piraka torso

Just any type of build like that so yes

Can it be a moc already made or shown?

No it has to be a new moc


Sounds fun. :smirk: cracks knuckles
Time to get building.

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Can we use ccbs pieces such as joints and 2015 masks

Only inika pieces, remember


Another contest.
I-I guess I’ll join

is a Makuta alright? aslong as it has at least some Inika build?

I shall join aswell