The Inika Build Topic

not to be confused with the ccbs topic but this is about the famous inika build you guys can post mocs using technic and inika build


I am one of those people that use Inika build a lot. That has been Squeaverking's input. No pics, sorry. I'm too tired to do so.


I haven't touched it in a while but I might go back and play around with it a bit for my new Self-Moc that I'm working on.


Why would anybody confuse the two...?


at some point both will be filled with hate from the opposing side.


Haven't used the inika build in around a year or so.

I dunno

I like both ccbs and inika builds


Wouldn't it be more reasonable to clarify that this topic doesn't relate to the Toa Inika? (Fixed the title for clarification.)

I don't use the Inika build anymore, I used it a lot before finding the BIONICLE community on the internet. When I did start posting MOCs online, there were a couple Inikabuilds (or Inikabuild variants) among them:


Here is where I stand on the inika build: The inika build is not bad. It's bad that Lego overused it.

Anything can become bad from overuse, over exposure, or being over played. I feel "let it go" is a good example. It's a good song. But it has been overplayed and now everyone is annoyed with it.

Let's not expand upon this subject here. it was just an example.


it was never a good song to begin with

but on topic when making actual bionicles I always use the inika build, even when I make transformers but for mechs, I use CCBS

The inika build was revolutionary for its time yes they over used it but they sorta mixed it up with legs being lower arms but I think ur the first person to agree somewhat

Every build we've got (Mata, Metru, Inika, CCBS) (except the Avtoran build) was "revolutionary for its time."


Seems more infamous than famous.

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Yes, the Inika build is so famous, its in-famous
I do use the Inika buid a lot, but I've been trying to veer away from the build... too lazy to post pics :P

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@Veltraxx i have alot of inika pieces since i got into bionicle in 2005 and got the visorak then next year i got all the inika then i got mahri then phantoka and mistika

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It's now officially infamous, people.

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Remember, in does not necessarily mean "not". I mean, inflammable, infamous.

In-ika-famaous build.

@Willess12: That's a deviation from the norm of the prefix.

but i like inika

The thing is. Most of the BIO-MOCing world doesn't. That's why it's infamous, it's famous for being disliked.

inika build i have to agree is terrible for moccing but think of matoro

and the potato mask of life just hi-fived matoro noww.... this isnt going anywhere yo @Nyran shut this downnnn! (this topic)