The Interview

It's probably my new favorite Rogan-Franco comedy movie. They're the kind of people I should hate movies from and just can't bring myself to. And of course, the controversy was legendary.

Anyone seen this yet? What were your thoughts?


I certainly liked it. Some things weren't that funny to me, but I really liked that ending.


I haven't seen it, but I did write a little satirical story about all the controversy and about Sony's indecision about what to do with the movie, as they were deciding whether or not to release it. I think it's short enough to paste here.

The Tale of the Friendly Lion and the Angry Mouse

Once upon a time, there was a mighty Lion, who prowled the dry lands in which he lived, hunting prey to eat and showing the other animals that he was not to be trifled with. He was kind to the others, and frequently helped them, but was faster, stronger, and a better hunter than the rest, and they knew it. He had his troubles, as all animals of Africa's Plains do, and he spent some of his time dealing with animals that pestered him from time to time, but he outmatched all the other animals on the Aftican Plains. He was proud of his strength, but used it to help those in need, not to bring grief to the hearts of the other creatures. One day, something odd happened....

The Lion was creeping through some tall grass, and decided to have some fun. He didn't kill the other animals unless he needed to, he was too kind for that, so he gathered a few leaves and twigs and stuck them together, making a little toy in the shape of the mouse. He began batting it around, pouncing on it and letting it go, enjoying himself in the cool breeze of the fair weathered day.

Some time later, the grass started rustling nearby. The Lion stopped for a moment, the toy mouse held between his paws, looking at the moving grass. Out from between several stands of the tall yellow grass came a little grey Mouse. The Lion knew this mouse already, the Mouse was often rude to the Lion and the Lion didn't like him much, but tolerated him. He was too nice to hurt the helpless creature.

The Mouse crawled forward, then stood up on his hind legs, crossing his front legs, looking at the Lion sternly.

The Lion didn't move from where he was crouched holding the toy, but nodded at the mouse in greeting and said "Hello there Mouse. What can I do for you today?"

The Mouse tapped his foot unhappily. "I don't like that you're smacking around and pouncing on a toy that looks like me. I want you to stop."

The Lion chuckled and replied, "Little Mouse, you are lucky I am not doing to you everything I am doing to this toy. I wanted some fun, but I didn't want to hurt you, rude as you can be, so I made this to use instead. Stop complaining and go about your business Mouse."

To most animals, this would have been enough to send them away. Although, honestly, most animals wouldn't have been indignant enough to ask the Lion to stop playing with his toy in the first place. The Mouse, however, possessed a special variety of stupid.

"I don't think so Lion." He said angrily, "I think that you playing with that toy is offensive, and you had better get rid of it right now."

The Lion was very amused at this point. He laughed and asked good-naturedly, "Or what, little Mouse?"

"If you don't stop playing with that toy," the Mouse answered, "I will come and bite your soft ears in your sleep."

The story has three endings;

The first ending; The Lion for, some reason, became scared and said, "Alright little Mouse, I'll do what you say." He then destroyed the toy, but things were never the same, as his dominance had been broken, and the Mouse continued to order him to do this and that, and other animals soon followed, and the kindly Lion's time of being respected as the strongest ended.

The second ending; The Lion became angry with the Mouse and said, "You will not bite me if you wish to live, little Mouse." He continued to play with the toy, and the long-winded little creature scurried away, and never did bite the Lion. The kind Lion continued to live respected by the other creatures.

The third ending; The Lion became angry with the Mouse and said "If you bite me, little Mouse, then I will bite you back, but my mouth is big and my stomach may be hungry, you may not live."

The Mouse replied "We'll see about that," and scurried away.

That night, he crept up to the sleeping Lion in his den. He crawled next to the Lion's ear and gave it two hard bites, then scurried away as fast as he could. Before he could get far, though, the Lion had pounced on him and growled, "You give me no end of trouble, little Mouse. That is the end of it!" And quickly finished the Mouse off. The Lion then continued to be respected by the other animals, and was as kind to them as he ever had been.

Also, I seem to have forgotten to mention, the Lion's name was America, the Mouse's name was North Korea, and the toy's name was The Interview.


This is very good. Reminds me greatly of Animal Farm with the themes and the obvious animal representations.


Thank you, I was going for that kind of effect. I wanted it to have a kind of Aesop's Fables kind of feel.

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So my Civics Teacher hasn't seen the movie(neither have I, actually) but he really wants to.

And due to the controversy and politics surrounding it, he's convinced his higher-ups to let him show it in class. He just needs a "legal" copy.

Basically, anyone can pirate it, but it must be on a disk, and he can't do it himself for some reason.

Either way, I'm super excited to see it.

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My dad heard on the radio, someone said "Do yourself a favor and save your money. Don't go see this movie."

But I wanted to see this movie before wanting to see it was cool, so I'll watch it... eventually.

How can it be one of your least favorites as listed in that topic if you haven't even seen it yet?


I'm annoyed by all the hype and controversy around it. I'd like it better if it was just another movie, and no one cared about it so much.

That's a very hipster sentiment.

But anyway, while Hype Backlash is certainly a thing, and there's nothing wrong with being fed up with hype, I argue that one should always know what they're talking about before they go and decry something as bad.

I should know. I sat through every Twilight movie.

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Personally, I don't think hype is a valid reason to make a movie your "Least Favorite". You can not enjoy it because of the hype, or feel like the hype doesn't measure up, or just not see it because of the hype...but hype is very much a cultural thing.

Kids that are born after 2015 will not be a part of the hype that Bionicle 2015 brought back, or the hype that Star Wars Episode VII had, or the hype that the Interview had. That hype is based completely around culture. There's nothing wrong with disliking a movie after you've seen it because of the hype, but actively putting a movie on a list of "Least Favorites" purely because you don't like what the culture around you has propagated about this movie seems very short-sighted to me.

Depends on if you like Rogan-Franco comedies. It is definitely one of their best, but it's not for everyone. That being said, one of my friends who generally doesn't enjoy that type of humor thought it was hilarious. She's generally a very reserved person, so I was surprised but amused at her reactions.