The Journey - chapter 1

Tahu felt cold as Kopaka. He tried to find ways to make himself warm but couldn`t. His fire was quickly blown away by the coming winds.He was sent by the fire protector to find an ancient mask. Almost as ancient as Okoto itself. “This should be worth it,” Tahu grumbled. “Making me go in the ice region for a mask,” As Tahu trudged along the ice region he stumbled across a huge cave. “That must be where the mask is!” Tahu yelled. Tahu moved along until he finally reached the cave. When he entered the cave he saw a suprising sight. A huge screen playing the battle of Ekimu and Makuta. He then felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder. “Who goes there?!” He yelled. " Who dares strike the master of Fire!". He looked around some more till he found that the cave was closed and a little warrior was burning away. His anger realeased a fire shock wave which burnt it. He found he was alone. He was about to burn the door until he saw stairs going down. He sighed, he knew burning the door wouldn’t get him anywhere. He walked down dismissing the sign that said Ekimu’s backup forge.

                                     End of Chapter 1
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