The Kahi Boards

I am waiting for next years exx proper boards.

(i hope i got his name right)

Couldn’t you have at least made them maroon?

Well fact’s put terrible facts about Iron Man to Kahi!

The red looks like Kahi personally smeared ketchup all over the screen and thought it looked good. The first time I saw it I thought the boards hit a fatal error, I was right.

Needless to say the sooner this tyranny ends the better.



  • Eljay’s takeover was the original deal, it was the previous April Fools and re-using the same concept lacks originality which is a shame given that they seemed to be building the ‘Civil War’ idea so i thought it would lead to more than just “Kahi has taken over the boards and changed the colours scheme and background image”
  • The red seriously hurts my eyes, a lot of people are having this issue and its making me want to avoid logging onto the boards until this is over.
  • The Iron Man 3 Photoshop edit doesn’t feel connected to the Civil War debate that TTV were having. Would make more sense to be the Civil War poster instead.
  • The actual functionality of the boards is suffering, with sub-headings not being visible (White text on white background) and the mobile version having varying issues also

With Eljay’s takeover, the idea was at least developed and you could understand the conflict leading to Eljay taking over the boards to strike back against the rest of TTV.

With Kahi’s takeover, it doesn’t have any reasoning behind it given the Civil War debate they were having didn’t appear to be leading to a victory in either side, and even if one sde won, why would it only be a single member taking over. It would make more sense to call it ‘The Team Kahi’ boards (TTK) which would have worked better.


This is just as bad as when Teridax took over Metru Nui


It’s certainly more well thought out and such.

At least Teridax is likeable.


True, Kahi has nothing going for him.

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Try the whole Matoran Universe


It’s beautiful-it gives me hope that we might win the war!

Would’ve preferred it if the boards reflected the fact that a civil war is supposed to have multiple sides… like half team-Kahi and half team-Eljay, with the two sides facing off in the background. As is, it’s just… ugly without a reason, and slightly painful to boot. Darker red would’ve helped on that part.

It is not Purpl.
I wanted it to be Purpl.


Worse because last year’s didn’t really affect us.

The maroon is nice and all, but I prefer the old layout.

It’s my color… I like it


With the OOC Pm’s alert color, the top right of my page is a Christmas light show. My eyes burn with pain.

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Worse, actually.

So it’s as bad as when Hero Factory took over Bionicle?

Not that bad, no.

Oh, phew.

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