The Kanohi Protonuvis (Bionicle mask moc)

I submitted this mask to the Lego mask maker contest.

Unfortunately, I didn't really have a chance to win because I submitted it the day before the contest ended.

The mask has the abillity to enhance the wearer's strength, speed and intellect as long as they have it on.

Some side views.

Some side views of the stand.

I tryed to make it look kind of like the stands in the animations, with the mask being held up by a beam of energy.

I actually just built it because I couldn't really get a comfortable shot of the mask other wise.

I also made all the sides symmetrical to make it easier to rebuild.

A top view.

And to close off, a back view of the mask.
When I started building this, the only thing I had in mind was silver. The rest I just made up as I went along.
Also, if anyone draws this in the animation style, I'll make you a MOC or something.

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Honestly,it just looks like a bunch of parts randomly stuck together.


I really like the affect that the nuva chest armor gives off as eyes

I wish I could have gotten it a bit more flush as well, but I was running out of silver parts.

@Spoooooopy_velcro Thanks.

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