The Knightpriest

So I have this character I call Knightpriest, and he's a MOC.

He looks like this usually

I couldn't sleep so I started messing around in MSPaint in the hopes of maybe being bored/tired enough to sleep.

This happened instead.


very nice Nyran


Very cool, especially the painting.

Cool I like it.

Hey Ngram

I had an artistic block so I created your Kingpriest (somewhat stylised)

Well i might do an seriois one next week, as for now be happy with this guy ^w^


I think the only thing that's kinda off putting is the pose it's in.

But otherwise it looks super cool. (y)

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Ye man, I know 'bout the pose. This is technicaly a Sketch that i did becoise of belowed artistic block, but im glad you like it ethier way!

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