The Kranatron

Here we have one of my favorite villain mocs of mine, a krana-controlled mech that serves as a highly durable bruiser type of soldier.

And then there’s Shorii. I built her to look “beach-y” and I think it turned out pretty well. I’m not sure if I’ve shown her off before so I decided to throw her in here as a sideshow.


Although it wasn’t intentional, he sort of wound up with round ears and axel eyes, which are actually meant to be projectile weapons, sort of machinegun-ish I suppose.

The krana-hatch I think turned out well, it provides a nice view of the surveyor mask while keeping it reasonably secure in its tray.

Now we come to something a bit unfortunate, or fortunate, if you like weird-looking faces.

I had no intention of this face being a feature, but there you have it I guess. Kind of wish I’d never seen this, and I daresay the ta-matoran would agree.

So what do you think? Overall I like the mech, and I like the idea of a robot controlled by both a krana mask and a kraata slug, could be a neat enemy concept in writing. Also, what group in Bionicle do you think would have built a robot like this? I’m leaning towards some unknown small group, but I want to hear what others might come up with!


This is actually a really good moc. I like the aesthetic.

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A kraata could fit as well… Maybe that’s something to consider?


That’s actually something I considered while taking the photos for this post, but unfortunately I’m not sure where my spare kraata went :expressionless:

But the idea of a machine built to combine the abilities of both the krana and the kraata sounds really interesting, and slightly terrifying from an in-universe perspective.

Imagine you’re a little matoran and out of nowhere a hulking machine comes flying in, absorbing the energies of everyone around you while corrupting their masks to bring them under Makuta control. Spooky.


The ultimate indoctrinator

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