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Hello neighbors! as most of you may know, I am Spanish, and I am trying to learn english, and school isn’t the place to do so, I have learned more on youtube, google and on boards like this one.
So, you want to be like me and learn english or any other language? this is the place for you!

this topic might be deleted shortly after starting it, so yeah if you want to learn something better be fast

Well, the other one is which ones you know, but anyway English, and bits of Spanish, Philipino and some Japanese

Let me get this straight: you want us to teach you English, right? Sure, reading helps, but we can’t really provide you with anything else. At least I can’t.

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No posts in this topic can be considered off topic because they are all examples of language immersion.

What I have noticed about English is that, for the most part, is very straight forward in its construction. What would you say about Spanish Asriel?

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Some languages are weird

Alors, la Français c’est une belle langue, mais les mots et les phrase et les accents sont tres difficile.

Seriously, accent marks are a pain to do on most American computers. I was only able to get like half of them to work because of autocorrect. Still sounds great though.

So…I’m a bit confused on the purpose of this topic.

If it’s to discuss what languages you know, then that could go over here:

If it’s to learn English, then I’m wondering what you hope to get out of this topic that you wouldn’t get outside of it. English is the primary language across the whole Boards, and if you want immersion, you just have to look at the hundreds out topics outside of this one.

So are you looking for specific discussion of the language itself, with topics such as proper grammar, syntax, capitalization, etc.?

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I know pretty much everything I should know in english and things I shouldn’t :wink: I have to say it was pretty easy to learn english, the easiest, and je parle francais and ich spreche deutsch ademas del español, I think that part should have gone to the other topic, anyway this topic wasn’t exactly mean for me to learn english, it was made so people can learn other languages, for example if you want to know how to say something in spanish I can tell you, you could use google, but remember that it is bad at translating

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So the point of the topic is to learn languages, then maybe the title should be changed so there’s no confusion.

I hate learning French

I want to clarify something.
English is the weirdest language ever.
Some things have no reason.
And, yes. It’s my only language.


I heard that Spanish is one of the hardest languages, I don’t know why

The only polish I know is how to sing happy birthday

…Yeah, it kinda seems like there isn’t much merit to this. If you want to learn other languages, there are dozens of other places on the internet to do so.

Plus, most peoples’ posts in here should really go in the other topic.

As such, I’ll be shutting this down.