The Last Act of the Makuta

Find the answer to this, and consider thyne self to being on the way of a Makuta becoming:


That bottom left one isn’t even an actual symbol…

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I am thankful of the error, every time that thou sees it here, it be a letter “s”.

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[spoiler]It’s a Sator Square.

Not sure what AFT ZYGLAK means, other than that the word Zyglak is there. [/spoiler]

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Another Mystery for you to solve. :slight_smile:

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[spoiler]Aft is a Ta-Matoran who practiced the Principle of Courage, and the Zyglak are the Zyglak.

Still don’t see any connection there. Quite a mystery.[/spoiler]


Names are rarely just that, they have meanings of their own.

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