The Last Resistance (Battlefield)

“You cannot possibly compare to the might of me,” Ashley growled, trying to stick the xir leader with her bayonet

He laughed. “Your attacks are like poking me with twigs!” He exclaimed, punching Ashley in the jaw.

OOC: *Twigs

Fury just growled in frustration.

Taghiat drop-kicked her.

She was punted halfway across the room

She landed next to Mark. “Welcome to the club.” Mark said., slurring his words from pain and exaustion.

She ignored him and charged straight towards her foe, swinging her rifle like a maniac.

“Such anger for such a tiny runt.” Taghiat said, picking up Ashley by the head and lifting her up at an angle where she couldn’t reach him.

She kept swinging and started shouting obscenities.

Taghiat chuckled. “Beings like you are the reason the Xir’algath will win.” He said, exerting spikes towards Ashley’s neck.

OOC: this is probably when someone should step in and help.

Fury went to stab the Xir’s arm with her bayonet.

It wouldn’t reach. The spikes from his chest would near closer.

She would smack the spikes with her gun.

The spikes began to crack.

She continued to beat at the approaching spikes.

The spikes chipped off, and a black ooze seeped out and filled the cracks, solidifying into new spikes.
“LET HER GO!” Said a voice from behind. Mark charged towards Taghiat and impaled him with his sword. He yelped as the crystal sword penetrated his chest. Taghiat’s grip loosened and he dropped ashley.

“You’re gonna get it!” She shouted, firing her rifle with wild abandoned.

The bullets struck the leader, and Mark slashed his sword upward. Taghiat was ripped in half, and slumped to the ground. Black ooze splattered all over Mark’s face.

Fury continued to shoot the body.