The Last Resistance (Battlefield)

The bullets struck the leader, and Mark slashed his sword upward. Taghiat was ripped in half, and slumped to the ground. Black ooze splattered all over Mark’s face.

Fury continued to shoot the body.

Mark held his hand out. “Whoa whoa whoa. Stop. It’s over.” He said, leaning on his sword handle to catch his breath. “I really need to retire.”

Suddenly, the shredded Xir’algath parts began convulse and twitch, squirming together and melting together. As Taghiat reformed himself, he began to laugh. Mark stepped back a little, gulping. “But, I thought the Crystals were supposed to kill him!” He said, staring at the sword.
Suddenly, Mark saw a large structure fall from the sky. “Wait, I thought the knights weren’t supposed to drop the fortress yet.”
But it wasn’t the angel knights’ fortress. It was something else. As the structure crashed into the ground and settled on the ateroid’s landscape, Mark ran up to it. He wiped aside some dirt to reveal a sign on the side:
U.S.S. Warhammer

Suddenly, a large black ship appeared in the sky. A beam was sent out and engulfed the warriors. They were pulled by the tractor beam into the ship without any warning, and the doors slammed shut.
To be Continued