The legend of Heroes. A fanfiction story

NOTE: This is all fanfiction, it takes place in a different universe. (My universe) This is part 1 of something I am working on. My spelling might not be 100% correct...

In a time before time 6 ancient masters (The Cletroceen Order) created the people we now know as Matoran. For the Matoran they also created the islands: Galamin, Terrus, Halena and Atilysk. The island Atilysk was a very special, because it housed a giant spire. (The Spire of Atilysk)

The masters had given a special protector a very special task, this protector was the Protector of Gold. But one of the masters was afraid of war! He secretly made a Prophecy, for a time when the Protector of Gold would be dead.

For a long time the Matoran lived in peace, but some Matoran either got possesed or were lead to the wrong path by a Makuta, called Kazog. (An origins on him is being worked on!)

Kazog had evil plans with his Makuta army, they would march to the Cletroceen temple, to defeat the Protector of Gold. And so they did, and the Protector of Gold got defeated,

The only thing that could still save the matoran, was the Legend of Heroes......

20 February 2015, ToaPyren


Well then that's darn inconvenient

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The Defiler

Well, given that it's just the prologue, it's pretty good.


Pretty decent prologue, though it's all exposition. Still, you've caught my attention.