The Legend of the BIONICLE: Celebrating 20 years of Lego stories

Ah, the reasoning for that is it was one of the final, final preliminary names before they came up with BIONICLE

As he was very heavily involved in the early stages and beyond, Faber would be pretty familiar with the name of course :stuck_out_tongue:


oh ok didn’t know that was an earlier name, but he still might reuse it

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Quite possibly. Only time will tell :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s also interesting to think that therefore, possibly, maybe at some point the Toa might have been the BioKnights? Unlikely, I think the polynesian influences were already there, but it’s interesting to think about :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep in mind though that the Bionicle concept art for LEGO Movie 2 was from 2015… when Bionicle G2 was still being sold.

I… know? That was like the crux of my entire point :stuck_out_tongue:

Their fledgling BIONICLE G2 had come out, they wanted it to succeed: oh yeah, how about we put it in the LEGO Movie 2? Free promotion!

One development heck later and the line is already dead, so guess we’ve gotta scrap that.

That’s pretty much what I said already.


It’s already been a day and a half since we got to 10.000 and TTV still hasn’t reported on it yet… Where are they?

I’ll work on getting a video out today, letting people know something everyone has covered and can be easily and quickly talked about in a podcast. That is, after I’m done releasing my Throwbot review, after I get back from a work meeting, while everyone else is either with their significant other or at their job. Does that answer your question?


I didn’t know about this when I made my name. I thought my name idea was original, but I guess not


Huh, I thought you took inspiration from it to be honest. I guess it’s just one of those funky coincidences :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, I remember I posted my reasoning in the username discussion topic


The project finally got an official response from LEGO:

It’s the first part of the comment is especially interesting…


The comment about “the nostalgia-filled Bionicle community” is interesting. They usually don’t make additional comments like that.


It means they know about the insane lightning campaign that went out across basically everywhere to garner support. I don’t see how they couldn’t notice it.


The beginning of every final message is personalised to some extent. This project blew up to a degree that as far as I’ve seen hasn’t really happened since the minecraft one. It’s not like they wouldn’t read any of the hundreds of comments on the project. They’d be aware this means a lot to a lot of people, so they’d address it accordingly.

I mean, it’s not like they would have any other choice :stuck_out_tongue:

And besides, they’ve hardly had a reason to up until now.


There won’t be a minifig Tryna?

What causes you to think that? :slight_smile:

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I’d say we’ve got good odds.

Certain employees want to make this a thing, and considering we’ve had a LEGO ideas set for TRON of all things… I wanna say it’s happening. The only catch will probably be no minifigures or a bad price tag.


Given the size of the set and number of necessary prints, I’d say $60, maybe $70. Granted a price that personally I’d be more than willing to pay. But I can see how that’d be too much for others.


I’d be willing to pay that much. I just hope we actually get a Matoro minifigure…


It’s already been a mouth since the project reached 10.000 supporters, and it’s still on the LEGO Ideas Website front page… maybe that means something.