The Legend of the BIONICLE: Celebrating 20 years of Lego stories

I see what you did there :wink:

dangit, I was gonna do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, where!? I wanna see this!


There are official responses whenever you hit a milestone.

The new Tryna looks amazing! Honestly the Matoro fig is just perfect.


Agreed! Man, I wish LEGO would do a new mold, that’s the only way those masks could get any better.

However, one of the first Ideas sets (I say this because I don’t know if the rule was in place just yet) has this glorious Sonic Screwdriver piece that I highly doubt was made before. And I may be wrong, but I feel like that hairpiece is new, too…


I thought the original submissions weren’t allowed to create new molds, but could gain them in production.


It’s actually the 11th Ideas set (as seen on the lower right hand corner of the box).

I believe the Sonic Screwdriver/Peter Capaldi hair mould situation is a special case in light of the fact that those parts were also included in the Dimensions tie-in set released around the same time.


Ah, those. I mean, technically they’re called official responses, but they’re literally just carbon copies of each other. It’s probably just pre-set by the website to send that response every time each project gets x amount of votes. That hardly counts :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know that. Wait, did the project get a personalized response?

Not that I saw, I would’ve brought it up already otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

It just seemed odd that it was mentioned the way it was as if it was in any way out of the ordinary for the site. I thought that Lego had specifically mentioned it on Twitter or something :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think so, I know BS01, TTV, and Eljay all have though. I couldn’t tell you otherwise because I don’t have Twitter.

I technically have twitter but I never use it for anything, the only reason I even have it open is because I’m waiting for a potential answer to a question I pinged at one of the Man of Action crew which I doubt I’ll ever receive :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh. The only twitter I even look at is Eljay’s so I know who the next guest is.

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I was gonna do that too…

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The Sesame Street set just got approved recently, and the minifigures can’t work without molded heads. Maybe the no new mold rule has changed or something.

All of the minifigs are made with preexisting molds, at least on the Ideas model. So it still follows the No New Molds rule.

That would still be considered fairly new, right?

Ah, I had thought they were released in completely different times, but with further research, I see that I was incorrect.

I believe only LEGO has the ability to create new molds, not the creators themselves.

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Huh. Was it just on 5555 for awhile, or did everyone happen to be checking it at that time?

Rac is correct; the only minifig that might really benefit from a new mold is the yellow bird guy Just kidding, I know his name is Big Bird. All the minifigs work without any new molds, but Lego could also make a new mold for Big Bird’s head when they make the set. Or any of the other heads, for that matter.

A similar case here. Lego could reuse the iron man helmet; they could use another existing piece; or they could make a new mold (or two, if they make the Tryna)



Oh yeah, finally! Congratulations @Sokoda!

I was the first yay!


Aight, I’m gonna get a Lego Ideas account just for this.

@Sokoda This looks simply incredible, and I’m happy to see that you’re getting so much support from the community for it. No matter how this all tuns out in the end, you should feel proud.


Oh a lot to catch up here^^

@Toa_Radrix thanks, pretty cool that we’re already at 6k

@Chromeharpoon Thank you! I am very proud of this model, some people might prefer some different scenes or would want a very different model, but for what I wanted to do: celebrate Bionicle in something that realisticly could be a set, I like how it turned out.
And thank you for taking the time just to make an account!

About the molds thing: The ideas rules say that in new submissions no new molds are allowed. There have been ideas sets with new molds (as mentioned before: Doctor Who or recently Steamboat Willie), but there always was some other set that used the same part around the same time (Dr Who DImensions pack, Disney CMF series 2)