The LEGO Group's Green Future

As established in @JMP's Plastic Replacement Topic, The LEGO Group is trying to reduce their Carbon Footprint with a new Psuedo-Plastic that is not only Eco-friendly, but that feel and click the same with our Current Bricks. This is only one of the Company's attempts to go green.

For Example, LEGO has invested in a Wind Farm:


Yay for eco-friendly!

Eco-Friendly whoop whoop

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Green future, more like green past. Seriously, the amount of lime green...

Oh, environmentally friendly green. Okay.

I just hope the new plastic isn't biodegradable. I don't want my pieces to rot in my parts bin.

I've stated this before, but I'll state it again; the pieces aren't Biodegradable. That's just some good, ol' misinformation.

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I already expressed my thoughts in the other topic.

Yay. Let's kill the planet slower!
Seriously, I am cool with most of these ideas.

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