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The new Lamborghini is neat and all, but there not catching my intrest until they make a Bugatti Atalante.

I find this piece very interesting.

I assume that there will be a new helicopter that will use those


The Lamborghini does look pretty sweet. Really fancy, just like the real car.

I don’t know why, but this new set’s unveiling made me realize something: all these fancy Lamborghinis and Ferraris and other big, expensive cars…do they have any purpose, besides being parked in a store display and looking cool? Since they’re so shiny and fancy, it wouldn’t be very smart to use them for stunt racing, because there’s the risk of them getting damaged. For regular town driving, maybe, but cars like that are WAY too expensive for most people to afford.


That’s the thing. A good portion of these are what’s called “concept cars”. They’re there as a way for the designer to show off his skills, not to be mass produced. Designer clothes you see on runways often fulfill the same purpose. You can buy them, but they’re more designed to show off what the designer can do.

Is this one a concept car? I dunno, I haven’t looked into it, but I guarantee you that the production model (if it even has one) will be very stripped down in comparison.


But still, it seems kinda pointless to construct a fancy car that has extreme horsepower, and then keep it parked in your garage.

That’s why you go to the race track and let 'er rip! (and yes, there are race tracks you can rent.)


So this year in 2021 we are getting “Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular Double Split” in white again for the first time since the Krekka set used it in its disk retractor assembly in 2004. The 2021 X-Wing playset uses eight of them.


Due to the part’s rarity and high utility, this connector goes for crazy amounts of money on bricklink so it’s great to have it back. The X-Wing also includes 1x1 bricks with axle holes which is something that I feel is long overdue.