The "Let's build JtO Makuta" topic

But how do you know that?

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It says EXACTLY THAT at the START of this topic

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First off, I looked at the set, and seeing as the only new piece is the MUP, and that you can see parts from distinct sets, I hoped it’d be a combo model.
Then a dude told me it was gonna be one, I don’t remember who.
I should probably verify it, but I think it’s true.


okay, thanks

The great thing?
I only have UtD, and none of the other sets.

This isn’t 100% but it’s really close it’s just missing the white LoSS rubber band, a few missing Technic parts, and the blades of course + the hand.


I don’t think that the lower arm design is right because the hand doesn’t fit on
Unless you add another bone which might work
Also could we have some more pictures of the lower arm complete from different angles

I think it might be a custom lower arm on the actual thing.

The torso will be where this all goes crazy, but we have few details- the neck is a bone piece with an orang armor shell, the black shells on the upper chest seem to be held on by Glatorian necks, and the gold wheel piece in the center is held by that piece that is 3 long with one end being an axel… I am bad with part names.

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This topic is good.

I’ll make use of it.

(if this counts as advertising, you can take this post down)

Found a MoUP on shapeways if anyone wants to go that far with it.

I don’t think the head has an eyestalk in it, but rather connects to something on the back somehow. If you look at the eyeholes on the physical model, you can tell that there isn’t anything in here… Unfortunately, I can’t really find any angles that show what’s going on back there…


When we figure it all out im ordering one


I’m starting today!

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Good luck! Post WIPs as you figure stuff out- it’ll make everyone else’s builds a lot easier.

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Right now I’m working on the staff, it’s really difficult to build the gimmick.

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we don’t really know if it’s a combiner for these sets, we don’t know how the body is built, maybe there is a piece that doesn’t come in any of the said sets, probably not, but well, if only they released instructions

Tried my hand at Makuta last night. While the legs might not be 100% accurate in terms of the placement of axles, I feel this still works in terms of functionality. Needless to say, the torso frame is definitely the most hidden part. All I could gather is that there is some type of silver bone holding the lower set of fists…could be the Kulta torso. And judging from the JtO model, there has to be quite a bit of technic in the torso frame.


I completed the feet, the lower arms and legs, the hands, and the weapons. I’m 87% sure that I did them right. You’ll receive pictures soon.

It also needs Loss.

Edit: I built the left arm might post it soon

We Need A list Of Parts.

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You know, since it’s built from specific sets, then whenever we think someone gets a piece right, we should “mark off” what pieces we used, so say for example, the torso doesn’t use a piece that was already used up by a leg, etc