The "Let's build JtO Makuta" topic

@Sparky actually, I didn’t use anything other than the official pictures to build my model (I haven’t seen your own take on it). My goal was not to make something super accurate to the original, but instead something that looks a lot like the original but isn’t necessarily built the same (mostly because, come on, it’s impossible to build it exactly right).

@Asriel better to photoshop it in this picture instead!

(yes, I did the chest too :smiley:. There are no arms yet but it still looks awesome.)


Honestly i would expect that the Model would be given to Volta so they could work on the CGI. Either that or it may have been disassembled.

Remember the idea of the contest was to encourage people to make their own, while the JTO model is the actual Makuta for G2.

Sorry, but unfortunately not.

The CGI Makuta model in JTO does not use official pieces for the interior. The connections are often situations like his upper arm connection to body where its just balljoints attached to a cross section. I believe they did this to simplify him to make him easier to animate.

I’ve seen the images of that guy, he doesn’t have those pieces unfortunately.

How did you do the shield pieces so they went that way on the chest? Just wondering as been trying to line them up the same way and haven’t got it right yet.

As a side note, whoever completes this should enter it into the Makuta building contest just for laughs, and to show the designers how much we like the design of Makuta :stuck_out_tongue:


You probably already knew this, but Makuta’s got UtD’s horns used as coattails of some kind. Other than that… Lookin good! Do you plan on making instructions of some kind for the torso?


does him? where can I see that?

Any of the pictures of the contest, look behind the golden feathers

I’m not sure if one can get better than that, but maybe make the top part a bit larger and the eyes larger? I dunno it looks almost perfect you really don’t have to change anything


Also, how soon until it is up on shapeways?

#Hey guys, it’s DONE!!!

Here are some (terrible) pictures of it. I will upload better pictures tomorrow maybe, so that I can have a better lighting and hopefully a better camera to use. For now, enjoy those photos.

Even though I built the inside of the body using my wildest imagination, I think I managed to get it as close to the original model as reasonably possible.

If you look at the sides of the body, it’s a total mess, but all the connections are fairly solid (aside from maybe some of the attachments in the upper body, but it all should be ok). Explaining how I put it together would be pretty impossible, so I’ll let the future instructions I will make do this work for me.

With the back, well, I had to get a little creative. The only thing I’m sure is (semi) right is the fact that the axes can rotate a little bit down to allow the double joints for the arms to move forward more freely. The only detail of the back I swear I couldn’t find a way to put was that little obnoxious yellow gear that was behind the neck in the official pictures…

@Scarilian as I said above, wait for the instructions, it’s too difficult to describe it.

@Mayple yep, I know, it was actually one of the very first things I put on it.

@Cyber-Hand can you please tell me how big the Mask of Ultimate Power is?


It looks fantastic! Great job man, glad we had you to… Let’s face it, put in most of the work on this thing. Can’t wait for the parts list!


We should all build this and order the Mask f Ultimate Power and than just spam Lego with photos of it.


OMG so awesome dear friend,he looks precisely as the original even if it is made a slightly on another it even not noticeable, simply ideal model,you are just very talented my friend! It proves that we can make a lot of things and without the company of Lego.

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That looks really great. Nice job!

@Cyber-Hand the MOUP is looking really good! The only thing that seems a bit off is…

In area A, the chin should be pointy and stick out more. (or maybe the rest of the jaw should stick out less?)

And also at B, that piece jutting out shouldn’t be there (But that probably temporary right? Or its probably that forehead brace sticking out to the front.)


you sir deserve a medal, you should use the MoCo as a place holder, also can I see how he looks with the MoCr?


You are amazing! Can’t wait for the instructions!


@Cyber-Hand BS01 just posted some photos which include this. Its a pretty clear side shot of the MOUP. Here’s the rest just in case (@Ekimu found them first)
<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/9/1/910d1cc1cb8f63a2697ddd1da09326ea10514312.jpg" width=“690” height="45


Can you link to the photos?

@Ekimu found them first.

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Still no photos of the REAL Makuta! Are you trying to make this harder on us Lego?


I think Lego just try to hide JtO Makuta from us.


Don’t, it’s a trap! It’s exactly what Makuta wanted, for that is the only way he can break out of the shadow realm.


Ah with section B that was a mistake on my part. I modelsed the mask connetion parts and the square sticking out is part of the section that rests on the brain stalk to allow the mask to flip off.

As for section A the two main images I used to model that part were these.

But I can see what you mean. I will try and move it back a bit more to get the right shape.