The "Let's build JtO Makuta" topic

It looks fantastic! Great job man, glad we had you to… Let’s face it, put in most of the work on this thing. Can’t wait for the parts list!


We should all build this and order the Mask f Ultimate Power and than just spam Lego with photos of it.


OMG so awesome dear friend,he looks precisely as the original even if it is made a slightly on another it even not noticeable, simply ideal model,you are just very talented my friend! It proves that we can make a lot of things and without the company of Lego.

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That looks really great. Nice job!

@Cyber-Hand the MOUP is looking really good! The only thing that seems a bit off is…

In area A, the chin should be pointy and stick out more. (or maybe the rest of the jaw should stick out less?)

And also at B, that piece jutting out shouldn’t be there (But that probably temporary right? Or its probably that forehead brace sticking out to the front.)


you sir deserve a medal, you should use the MoCo as a place holder, also can I see how he looks with the MoCr?


You are amazing! Can’t wait for the instructions!


@Cyber-Hand BS01 just posted some photos which include this. Its a pretty clear side shot of the MOUP. Here’s the rest just in case (@Ekimu found them first)
<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/9/1/910d1cc1cb8f63a2697ddd1da09326ea10514312.jpg" width=“690” height="45


Can you link to the photos?

@Ekimu found them first.

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Still no photos of the REAL Makuta! Are you trying to make this harder on us Lego?


I think Lego just try to hide JtO Makuta from us.


Don’t, it’s a trap! It’s exactly what Makuta wanted, for that is the only way he can break out of the shadow realm.


Ah with section B that was a mistake on my part. I modelsed the mask connetion parts and the square sticking out is part of the section that rests on the brain stalk to allow the mask to flip off.

As for section A the two main images I used to model that part were these.

But I can see what you mean. I will try and move it back a bit more to get the right shape.


Oh yeah and just encase anyone felt there was still some sort of emptiness towards never getting the new mask of time, here you go

But it looks too 2-dimensional for me, maybe after THe MUP is finished we can make @Cyber-Hand make a mask of time too, /s

On the bright side, BZP just posted this on Instagram.

This would imply that the official Makuta model still exists, and has not been taken apart! Either that or LEGO has a way of building it again. At the very least hopefully we can get better angles of the model!

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Am i mistaken or is that Makuta wearing the MoCr instead of the MoUP

it looks more like the MoCo to me

oh i used the wrong name after all didnt i


As a critique, I feel a lot of his masks are the same way with the 2-dimensional feel.

In case anyone wants to see a menacing pose for Makuta…

Again, sorry for the lighting but it’s 8:30 pm here.