The "Let's Build Overlord Makuta" Topic

No worries, I will try and check with the department next week to see what’s happening.

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Sweet, thank you so much!

P.S. Did you receive the private message I sent you?


@toothdominoes, Thanks again for doing this, I look forward to seeing the photos.
I second Metroidwave’s request, any incite on the gold piece on the back of “Triple M” would be greatly appreciated.

I think it was a 3M shell in gold, I’ll have to check.

Also, the pictures got approved, so hopefully you will see them soon!


Any updates on the photos?

They are now on my own flickr stream! Just a reminder, this model was made by BIONICLE Designer John Ho, he did an awesome job designing this giant.This album also includes some good reference for the MOUP, I got some pictures from straight angles.

Link because Flickr is strange


THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have done so much for us!



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Hello. Thanks for the pictures. My only gripe is that it is missing the weapon from his left hand.

There are a few questions that I want to ask relating to the build that I can’t really see clearly from the images. What is on the other end of the 3L pin? I am completely unable to figure it out from the images.

Also, how do the golden wings attach to the torso? Does it use the system clip pieces?

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OK. SO I have started building the model and am about 67% finished.
I need to order a bunch of parts off Bricklink.

But what we need now is graphic designs for stickers. When it comes to cloth elements, I thought one could buy some cloth from a fabric store and than cut it into shape. For the wast skirt, I am using Kylo Ren’s cloth element.

Let’s get to work guys!

P.S. When it comes to the model itself, what I have finished is absolutely fantastic. He is very tall. John Ho is one of my favorite Lego designers (right next to Neik, of course) and this shows what he can do when he has no restrictions.

Had a thought regarding the skirt. I think it was made by tracing Tahu Master’s swords. The shapes match up

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The model has double sided friction extenders. Please tell me that was on a set?

Hey Neik! Is this how Mask Maker Makuta’s back is built?


Thank you so much sir, these pictures are just what we needed.

I have finished reverse engineering the model in LDD and the model has approximately 579 pieces not including the cloths (I say approximately because I am unsure about what one piece is). I will see if I can find a way to make the file public.

@randomdude, These are what I believe they are

Anyone know what goes where I placed the green piece, it appears to be round like the piece subbing for it but black. (update: piece is confirmed to be a 1m dark gray beam, so the exact piece shown but dark gray instead of green)

Note that the new torso piece isn’t in LDD, so it is absent.

Update: I figured out a way to post the file, and it will be public once it is approved.

Update 1/27/19: LDD file


You work fast! Well done, good sir.

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Almost done with all three of these beasts! Can’t wait to review them on my Youtube!


How are we going to do the stickers and Cape pieces cause I want those on my overlord Makuta.

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RAKRONDEWL said he could be able to do the stickers. Additionally, some of them come is The marvel Black Panther pursuit set.

As far as the cloth elements I’d say you’re best bet is to buy some purple cloth and cut it. We can’t really do much.


I think the loincloth might be purple paper, it looks thinner than the cloth for the staff.

What are the thoughts on the decagon on the staff sticker? Would we want it looking warn and faint like in the video or cleaned up having more solid lines. I am unsure if the imperfect shape was intentional or possibly done by hand in which case they did the best they could.

I think we would want it to be just like Lego’s. I think everything we do should be to replicate Lego’s model. Additionally, if we look at the most recent photos, we can see the print is damaged, proving it was, in fact, a sticker.

I’m off to bed. Can’t wait to see further progress!

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