The "Let's Build Overlord Makuta" Topic

The only piece we don’t have is the gunmetal armor piece on the lower legs, but I see what you mean, we never saw more angle of this one to even attempt a deconstruction.

neither do these

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Oh that was trans purple? I thought it was black at first. Lego is really teasing us with all the unreleased pieces they show us.

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Hey, if you wanna create a topic for that Throne Makuta and ask @Toothdominoes for even more photos, go right ahead. /s

It is a pretty sweet model though…


A throne makuta would be cool…

This is a cool thing to recreate and I’d help, but this is off topic so I recommend you make s new topic for this discussion. If someone does make it, I suggest linking it so everyone can transition.


Here we go again…

We can do it.

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Does anyone know which set the giant wing pieces are from?

I think they were from an elves set. It was like 40$ so I just brick linked them.


I figured out a way to get all the masks on with mouth the Kylo parts and the figure really feels complete now.

Just to confirm, is it these:[Animal,%20Body%20Part]#T=S&O={}

Oh I thought you were talking about something else, but yes it’s those.

And the trans purple wide armor shell and the unprinted onua chest

But those are just stickers

What stickers?
Oh, I mean the uniter torso

Theres a uniter torso on him… i guess find a way to remove prints or put it on how it normally is

Yeah, just under the Onua 2015 torso

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guys we made a topic for that makuta, as for the printing I usually remove them using a file

How does that look?

I believe @Alieraah uses the same technic, let me search for a pic of her mocs

here you can see it


I find its lack of gloss disturbing

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it doesn’t look that bad… atleast when you have it in hand, I think it looks pretty nice