The "Let's Build Overlord Makuta" Topic

This is gone be difficult.

Shall be making a start on it tomorrow.

A lot of it is primarily old pieces, which is nice, i see a few of the joints from ‘Skopio XV-1 (8996)’ which is good as i brought a few of that set at the time.

His arms and legs seem like the easiest starting point. His chest is going to be difficult due to scale. Mostly its just a matter of getting the right pieces.

Think we with “we” I mean “you” might want to start with the weapons as they are the easiest part

I finished his left arm, I will upload photos when I finish his weapon.

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That’s a good suggestion. Personally not really trying to replicate the weapons. I’d prefer to have him weaponless and intimidating due to pure size. Plus the staff has a lot of small gold pieces that come from expensive sets that i don’t own, so it would mean bricklinking :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe the upper part of the left arm design is the same as the upper right arm and the upper legs - so seeing the inner workings of that will help a lot

We will have to be patient it’s nice he’s going out off his way to ask. Hopefully everything is OK and he can take some photos for us.

In the mean time! An arm!


While your arm design does seem fairly accurate, the way they connectors are attached that allow for the shadow trap as shoulder armour seem like they are a bit problem filled;

Problems that occur from this design include the rod piece not connecting fully, the rib piece being bent outwards and not connecting properly to the balljoint, general flimsiness with the connection and potentially bending pieces to ensure they are lined up.

I’ve built a rough version of the arm to test if these issues can be fixed with the current design the way it is, and it is not possible in my view. As such, I’m going to vary slightly from the official design when it comes to doing the upper arms on my version, as i feel the proper design for the upper arm has a high potential to cause issues.

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It’s just temporary until (hopefully) better photos come out. Feel free to post images of you’re work as much as you want.

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True, sadly i feel you may have been 100% accurate and that the official version is full of these sorts of things. It was likely something in its very early stages either as a prototype for a potential 2017 summer set or simply as a design to encourage the Makuta building contest. I’m just concerned that the design may be made in a way that is not sustainable due to illegal connections that could cause damage to pieces.


You could always remove one of the small thin technic beams and push the shadow trap forward. It may be a little more loose but it could fix you’re problem.

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Managed to get quite a bit of progress done, very doubtful that its built the same way in the official version, but i like how its coming along so far. Lots of pieces are temporary and need to be replaced with correct size/colour pieces later.

I suppose so


I think the way you attached the arms is wrong
I think he might have a gear box


Sweet. All these Makutas that are getting built are gonna look pretty good once the 3D MoUPs come out

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did we get any pic of the back?

I tried several attempts with the gearbox - however due to the design of the arm connection even if he happened to have a gearbox it wouldn’t be able to move properly as the pieces clash against his chest. Its possible to avoid that by making the model have more ‘depth’ or by extending out the arms however both options just ended up looking weird.

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What country are you in? If you live in Europe, you shouldn’t pay much more for postage if you buy from another country within the EU. I live in the UK, and if I ever buy from, say, France, it’s only ~£1 more on postage and a couple of days longer to wait for the items to arrive.

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I live in canada :stuck_out_tongue:

couple more pics have been released

where you can clearly saw it’s back
and if I am not mistaking, I see a trans-purple bohrok eye on his legs


I’m really interested to see if someone can recreate this guy.

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I would try to recreate him, but I seem to be lacking the key joints of the arms and legs.

But I do like how the masks are connected to the staff, using the new crossguard piece.