The "Let's Build Overlord Makuta" Topic

In the mean time, let’ try to find out where those cloth parts come from.

Can’t seem to find anything like the cloth pieces on brickset. Then again, it didn’t have the purple Ninjago hat pieces, so…

Also, I think I posted on the other topic the parts I noticed were from the Elves line to make Makuta.

Yeah the gold skirt things on his hips and some of the ornate pieces.


Then you’ve got a gunmetal piece of Unity on the knee, and some of the technic panels in black, that were in a lot of the Star Wars construction figures.

Not to mention the fact you need all the Uniter masks except Gali’s (nice touch because of the shadow realm) plus 4 Enderdragon wings and two trans-purple bohrok eyes witch are next to impossible to get.


The little axe on his side seems relatively easy enough.

Yeah and so do the arms. There actually very simple.

Sometimes its just a matter of actually having the parts to create them.

Also, you can partially see the support for the arms in one of the pictures.

I know. That’s why we need a pastelist for bricklink orders.

Also, they way his arms attach is rather, strange, so I wonder if he has a 2016 gear function.

I’m gonna start an arm MOC-up

Going to go through the pics and try and add up what pieces we need into a list.

Smart move, you might want to add sticker sheets, although Onus’s is not available to buy separately on bricklink.

Will do. And I’ll just write down the Onua sticker sheet until it’s available on Bricklink.

If you call Lego and ask for sticker sheets they actually will just send them too you. I did it with replacements I needed for Onua.


We’ll have to do that if it takes too long.

This is gone be difficult.

Shall be making a start on it tomorrow.

A lot of it is primarily old pieces, which is nice, i see a few of the joints from ‘Skopio XV-1 (8996)’ which is good as i brought a few of that set at the time.

His arms and legs seem like the easiest starting point. His chest is going to be difficult due to scale. Mostly its just a matter of getting the right pieces.

Think we with “we” I mean “you” might want to start with the weapons as they are the easiest part

I finished his left arm, I will upload photos when I finish his weapon.

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That’s a good suggestion. Personally not really trying to replicate the weapons. I’d prefer to have him weaponless and intimidating due to pure size. Plus the staff has a lot of small gold pieces that come from expensive sets that i don’t own, so it would mean bricklinking :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe the upper part of the left arm design is the same as the upper right arm and the upper legs - so seeing the inner workings of that will help a lot

We will have to be patient it’s nice he’s going out off his way to ask. Hopefully everything is OK and he can take some photos for us.

In the mean time! An arm!