The "Let's Build The Prototype 2008 Swamp Rahi" Topic

This Topic Is For Recreating the Enemies From the Mistika game
(Called Swamp Rahi)
We could try and build them with the right Pieces.
(Mostly From the 2008 summer wave).

some of them appear to have Rahkshi shells and spines.
some peices ( and Recolors) used in the models do not exist, please use the best alternative Piece (or color).

Swamp Reptiles

.Swamp Raptor Made From Gorast, Krika, Lehrak, and (Other).

.Swamp Rex Made From Gorast, Bitil, Lehrak, CHI Cragger, and (Other).

We Could Have Gotten This At 2010 :sob:

Swamp Insects

.Swamp Locust Made From Bitil, Turahk, Lehrak, and (Other).

.Swamp Scorpion Made From Krika, Gorast, and Bitil.

Probably a Prototype Swamp Stalker.


Only one of the images has properly loaded. I suggest re-uploading all of the images.

It wont let me upload any of the other ones.

EDIT: any ideas on how I could share them?

And that is because...? Are they too big, or does it just not register?

It doesn't Register.

403'D 11 times O_O

I've been wanting to build some of these for a long time, but I never owned any of the Mistika... would love to see others make 'em though even if the colours are wrong

TTV plz make you be able to make file attachments!

I fixed the images!
EDIT: I came to the conclusion the the bee enemy is just bitil. LOL

The pics are so smol though, the inner builds will be very hard to discern

we'll have to make a ton of assumptions i guess. :blush:

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