The "Let's Build Throne Makuta" Topic

Alright. I’m in. How are we going to make this happen?

well the project is kind of dead since nobody knows how to start the model
or just nobody wants to build it,

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Alright then. I like our odds.

Good luck!

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Thank you!

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The projecct revived I have found bootleg sets that include parts in throne makuta


Gross. But possibly useful. Though I’m not sure if they have the translucent parts. And I’m also not sure the project is still kicking.

Wanna see something cool look at this trans purple wings for shadow agil I used from bootleg set.


Good luck, I wish I had the pieces so I’d start. I really lack the hability to create MOCs but I’ll try once I get pieces (and if I get them), the weapon seems to be the easiest part (for me at least), I’d start for that. Arms and legs are difficult (for me) and more the torso, same about the throne itself.
Luckily Lego released Captain Grievous armours in black, is not golden like the ones in the weapon but at least it could fit well. Although I’d try to build the model below, I like it more.
@Colta_doxs I prefer the others (I’m not sure if I can post another pics) like Ekimu with Akida’s head as a shoulder armour or Grinder with a silver Protector Mask.


Any word on throne makuta original builder, at least skeleton frame would be good.

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Why not call Hamoomoo from youtube to help out? The dude made all three of the Makutas that were next to the creators in the vid. He is among the only fans to have a complete version of the Overlord, Shadow Titan and Brawler Makuta.

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But didnt @ThatchMac help him, build those

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Sorta, i sent him some deconstructed photos of it. As well as starting and managing the topic where we managed to piece together things that would help one build the model.

I’ve actually been going back to the only reference images of the figure we have so far, I kind of feel like I deciphered the basic structure of the lower legs for the original, original model (the one shown in the video).

However, in the end, if this project even reaches completion, I believe the best thing that’ll come out will be just a hybrid of the two versions of the model.

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Yeah, that sounds likely


He said in one video that it’d be difficult considering there’s only one pic of the MOC.

To add on to @Asriel’s statement with a sense of scale, the Throne Makuta is practically Logan McOwen’s/Beardly Designs’ Onua Uniter Revamp with Overlord Makuta’s limbs.


Will this help?

How come this picture hasn’t been brought up once in this topic?

Edit Two & Three:
-Used the picture above to make about 90% of the upper arms, minus the weird pistons that can be seen on the frontal pictures of the model.

One issue, I’d like to believe that the “32039” is actually not meant to be there and may instead be a different piece (possibly a “32013”).

-Made about 85-90% accurate legs for the model.

Now here is something that I struggled with, these “pistons” (seen below), I am unsure how they are meant to connect to the knees. Therefore, I had to make a custom connection, however the way they are attached at the bottom of the legs is correct, based off the images.

Additionally, this is how both of these pistons should be build.

(Here’s hoping this will be enough to bring some life into the project)


I made shadow version of brawler , btw pearl gold starwars armor


That is pure pleasure. Hail bootleg that try to give us what we want.

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