The Liberation League

In keeping with the theme of CCBS minis I’ve been building lately, I made this whole squad.

These pint sized perpetrators of “power to the people” put their pride and perseverance to pursue the path of peace and prosperity for all.

Quite a few bootLego pieces in here. Can you spot them all?


That’s one good-looking team! But I’m pretty sure some of them don’t actually have eyes, is that right?

Thanks! None of them had pupils until I added the iPhone markup feature. It lets you draw on any picture. I just put colored dots for eyes.


These look great!

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i’ve seen pictures before with those bootleg 09 hands with the ccbs ball socket, are they worth seeking out?

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You mean the 3 fingered ones?

There’s a lot of details in these guys, they look great!

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yeah, I saw them in some pictures of the “police legend” hero factory bootlegs

Oh, so Lego has made many of those in lots of different colors. You can get them on bricklink for pennies apiece. No need buy bootLegos just for those.

Not to talk you out of buying boot Legos or anything. Because I’m a big supporter of the concept of expanding the parts catalog since Lego has abandoned it. But in this case those hands are plentiful without having to deal with AliExpress and the long wait times from overseas.

I was hoping to get the bootleg ones because they have the stronger 2011 ball sockets, all of the official lego ones have the 2008 sockets that break if you look at them too hard

Colorfull, powerfull and supercool!

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That’s a good point. Although the bootLego versions have broken on me as well.

Whenever I’m buying these from bricklink, I order double the number. For example I just bought medium blue and dark red for some MOCs I have in mind. But knowing how easily they break, I bought 6 of each so that I’d have backups. I ended up paying $2.50 for 12 hands instead of $.80 or whatever.

How did you use that knights kingdom helmet?

I made a custom head! Here are some pics:

Thats really cool, good job!

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