The limits of mask powers

As bionicle fans, we all know about mask powers. But some of their powers were never that clear. I mean sure, invisibility and water breathing are pretty self explanatory, but what about kindred? How does that work exactly? What are the limits of that power? Well here are a couple of masks that I've always questioned as to their limits. If you know the answer or have any questions, please tell me. And if any of you have questions about masks, feel free to post them.

  1. The Faxon, mask of kindred: So the basic power of the Faxon is that the user can mimic the powers of any rahi in the general area. But this leaves me with some questions, like how close does the rahi have to be in order for the user to use it's power? And what abilities can the user use? For example, can a toa using this mask fly if the rahi has wings?

  2. The Kakama, mask of speed: A classic mask for bionicle thats powers were never fully explained. Sure, it lets you go fast, but how fast? This is similar with...

  3. The Pakari, mask of strength: Another classic mask, this mask gives the user, quote "physical strength far beyond his/her normal limits." But how much? And finally...

  4. The Hau, mask of shielding: By far the most famous mask of bionicle, the Hau allows the user to allows its user to "protect themselves from any physical attack that they are aware of by generating a force field". Wow, any physical attack?!? That's amazing. So wait, ANY attack? So Tahu could block a nuke, or a planet hitting him? That doesn't seem right. And can he still run around with the shield up?

Sorry for the great wall of text. Please leave your answers/ideas.


Okay, seems to be a misconseption, what this Mask actually does is allow A Toa to mimic the Rahi of their general environment. For example, A Toa of Water has the power of Water Rahi, a Toa of Air Flying Rahi, ETC.

Better question: what could a Toa of Gravity or Pcionics do with it?

A Nuke, probably, but remember, even Pahnrakh's attack threw him back, A Planet hitting him, yes, but, as said in Book #4, it would save him from being crushed, not buried.

And I think he can run with the shield. I know he can fly with it in 08.

Well, we know it's less than light-speed, because Pohatu could only do that with Photok


This example can answer that question: the answer is that it can presumably copy whatever it has already copied anywhere anytime and that it will give the user and traits given by the rahi.

"Great: In BIONICLE Legends 7: Prisoners of the Pit, Toa Mahri Hahli used her Faxon after being poisoned by Mantax to copy the powers of a sea Rahi that could withstand venom."

It's pretty fast, but not so fast you phase through walls.

Basically more strength than usual but way less than your muscles can stand before collapsing.

It has a limit. Things can blow the user back and the shield will break, seen in MOL. Also, the user has to know what exactly the attack is in order to block it.

Where was this said?

I think that may have been only Pahnrakh's power that could do that.


I think the bohrok kal broke the shields, too.

That means any attack that they know is coming, not one they understand.

Well, Nuhvok-Kal Might've.

Point taken.

last time I read chronicles #3, the bohrok kal attacked, Tahu gave everyone shields, and were then broken. I don't remember so well.

I'd imagine the Tryna has limitless potential as long as the target is capable of being resurrected. One would just have to train themselves with the mask. How long it would take to train? I have no idea.

IIRC, Nuhvok-Kal slammed Tahu face-first into the ground, and the shield went down. So it wasn't really a physical attack that broke it.

Here's another: Mask of Sensory aptitude. Sure you can enhance your senses, but how Much?

Oh ok, so creatures of the same element. Ok. Yeah that masks that mask useless to some elements of toa doesn't it.

And so the Hau's shield can be moved and the user has to know the nature of the attack? Alright, Hau is pretty dang useful!

The Kualsi feels broken most of the time.

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Well, the basic form can't, but the Nuva can.

Another question in need of answering: Can only the Toa Nuva use Kanohi Nuva?

It's implied by the fact that the Turaga know where they're hidden that they hid them, meaning they must have come from the Great Temple on Metru Nui.

So, that in turn implies that normal Toa can use those masks...

Unless I'm missing something?

Yes, only Toa Nuva can use Kanohi Nuva. And those masks came from Artahka, not Metru Nui. Which, of course, begs the question of how the Turaga knew where they were.

I thought you just said that it allows Toa to mimic Rahi in the same environment, so it shouldn't matter what elemental power the users have. If they're under water, they can only get aquatic Rahi's abilities; in jungle, jungle-dwelling Rahi's; in the air, aerial Rahi's and so on.

Can the Miru let you levitate indefinately?

Didn't Gali do just this with a Kakama Nuva? so we know a Kakama Nuva is that powerful.

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Yeah that's basically what I called the limit for the great Kakama. The Kakama Nuva can phase.

I don't remember there ever being a limit, I think it's just how long the user concentrate. But I'm not sure.

So if a user of a Kualsi looked up at the stars, or even just the sun, could the quick travel to that celestial body?

Maybe, but I feel like it'd take a while. But Kualsis are overrated. The Olmak does all it does and more