The Linkwes beetle (otherwise known as the Linkwes)

This is a very simple rahi that I made they would be in every region of Okoto and be different colors but here I just have the jungle and fire Linkwes beetles.

This is the fire one I mentioned


Noice. Okoto needs more Rahi. Have you considered doing more?


Thanks, what do you think I should do next

I really like them! I'd really k=like to see more variants of this design.

Ok what element should I do next

Any one. Water, earth, rock (This one may be difficult), ice.
If I had to choose one, I'd make a water one next.

if you do, make it more like a water bug.


Do that! It won't be hard at all. Just make the hind legs a it bulkier, and move the front legs mor towards the head, and you should be fine.

Ok I'll get started!

edit: I don't want to double post so here you go @PatriotPrime here is the water Linkwes beetle.

then the back


Nice use of the CCBS, really gettin those bug vibes of these. I think my favourite would have to be the Jungle Linkwes beetle. I always flippin loved keetorange and green.

Yah that one is my favorite too, so what element should I do next

Better than I was expecting! I love it! How about ice?

How about a crystal Linkwes? Or a swamp Linkwes?

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Man, I got a lot too do
Edit: I finished the ice linkwes just gotta take pics

I can't wait!

Ok I am kinda board so I already built the crystal and swamp as well so I just need to take pictures of the three that are done. What should I do next?


Done I was really board

Okay. Stone, Silver, Gold, red and black, white and blue, rainbow, completely (or as much as you can) trans: orange, green, light blue.

So just different colors?