The Lost History, Okoto's Origin (Expanding Okoto)

You are entering headcannon territory, you have been warned.

In an old temple deep in the jungle region, the door opens for the first time in ages. An explorer walks in, his footsteps echoing through the poorly lit room. As he looks around, he sees it’s a library. In the center is a pedestal, on top of which is an old, plain looking book. He walks up to it and dusts it off, reading the cover. “Okoto’s Origin” it read. He opened up the book and began reading.

Long ago, there was an island covered in plains and forests. On this island was a tribe of hunters who spoke in a strange tongue. They were known as the Rak, and were created for the purpose of keeping the elemental being Erisan in balance. They knew this, and that Erisan kept them in balance, but they thought this meant Erisan was ment to kill them, so the best blacksmiths of the tribe gathered to make a powerful weapon to defend themselves. After some time, they had made it, but before they could test it, Erisan attacked them. It turns out that Erisan thought the same if the Rak as they did of it, so it attacked first. It attacked the village and killed most of the people. In the end, only three remained, a blacksmith apprentice, a hunter, and the chief. The apprentice ran into the forest as the chief held the newly made weapon, a battle axe with a power crystal in the center of the head. He jumped up and brought it down right between Erisan’s six heads, and a flash of blinding light erupted from the axe. The island was destroyed, leaving only the outskirts of it and a giant crater. Inside the crater lay the chief, now dead, and the hunter, now injured, but the axe and Erisan were nowhere to be found. In Erisan’s place were six elemental creatures, Uxar, Ikir, Akida, Terak, Melum, and Ketar. The six creatures woke up in the crater and went to the edge of the island. Combining there powers, they created a new, much larger island to the northwest of the crater. The hunter saw this and saw them leave to the new island, and vowed revenge on them for killing his race, as he believed he was the only one left. He got up and went to the chief, taking his mask and replacing his own. He took on a new name, Umarak, to remember his species.

The explorer closed the book and put it in his satchel, then he walked out. Before he reached the door, he heard a creaking in the corner of the room. He turned and looked around, but didn’t see anything, so he walked out.

An old, humanoid creature in the corner of the room saw the young explorer take the book. He stood up, but his old joints made a loud creak. He saw the man look around and leave, and then he sighed as he walked into the lit part of the room. The light showed that he had animalistic lower legs, a bucks horns, and a hammer at his side. “It’s finally time they learned.”

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I like it. Gives a nice back story for umarak. Wonder when he meets makuta, or how he is an “ancient one”. Keep up the good work.

Thanks! But what do you mean by [quote=“DigitalDeath3321, post:2, topic:26604”]
or how he is an “ancient one”

In JtO it is said he is an ancient one. I read this as immortal, and I hope you incorporate it into his backstory.

I probably will, that’s a good idea, thanks!

I think your writing is really good.

I love this. You are consistently in the active voice and set the scene nicely.

Thanks, I do my best.

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Update: this is now part of the Expanding Okoto Community Project!