The Lost One WIP Updated

This is my first moc that I’ve posted here on the boards and is probably going to be my biggest moc as well so here is The Lost One or at least his legs also sorry for the crappy pics

Finally the torso is almost complete now all I need to do is finish of this,the head,the arms and the legs (sorry about the pics my hands were really shaky)

comments and criticism are welcome and I’ll try to post new pics as soon as I can


I’ll just treat this the same way I treated the last MOC-less MOC topic:

The colour scheme works well, but the articulation is terrible.


“This is definitely bigger than the last one.”

I’m almost done with the torso and arms, I’ll try and post pictures when I get the time

If this thing is gonna be as tall as you’re making it, it’s gonna need more reinforcement in the ankles and knees than what you’ve got right now.
Some system style clicky joints and/or these (other half) might help too.

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probably although I don’t think it will be really bulky due to not having enough pieces

It’s… flat.

It is going to be a gigantic MOC… that is what I can say for sure.

Will the legs stay as flat and… blank as they are right now or will you make them bulkier in the future ?

It is hard to really say something about this as only so little of it is finished yet.

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The legs will definitely be bulkier and more detailed this is just the frame of them

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ooh, a large moc! I do like large mocs haha. Looking forwards to see how it turns out! :smile:

thanks man

Looks very flat.

Looking forward to how it turns out though :grinning:

yeah I’m gonna try and thicken up the legs more so there not so flat

Don’t worry about them being thin at the moment, just focus on setting up the frame mate then go back to thickening the limbs :slight_smile:

Thanks man your the best :slight_smile:

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No problem bud. Do you have any of the ratchet pieces? They add soo much friction which I think this moc will need looking at the size already :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few but I’ve decided to use them in the tail instead of the legs because the legs already have a fair amount of friction it’s just the ankles the are a bit loose and the ratcheted joints would limit the possibility if they were placed there.
Thanks for all the advice it’s really help me out a lot :smile: