The Mad Blacksmith


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The Mad Blacksmith originated from the depths of Karzahni. Rumors say he is a rebuilt toa by Karzahni. His magnum opus some also say. Either way, this Blacksmith prefers to be left alone to his craft. The "Mad" in his title comes from the fact that he makes strange looking armor, weapons, blasters, and shields. You will often see the mad blacksmith's work in the hands of criminals and villains. Karzahni often ships the items the blacksmith makes to random places, not knowing what to do with them. Naturally the blacksmith noticed this and has grown a slight resentment towards Karzahni (or in the blacksmith's eyes: The Jealous imbecile who doesn't understand anything).

What is his name? No one knows and the blacksmith doesn't plan on revealing that anytime soon.

So I was MOC'ing very recently and I had got the idea for a Karzahni style MOC which was inspired by ElJay's recap review of the 07 Karzahni set. I thought to myself: I like Karzahni, but how could I make him better in my eyes?

This MOC took a little bit to make. I had to do some experimenting here and there in addition to using Karzahni as a refrence. But enough talking, let's get into the specifics of this MOC.

Let's do a quick 360:

Before anyone says anything: I had to put the small grey part in the back of the one foot where it is. I needed the part for another MOC and I couldn't find another black piece. I am going to replace it as soon as possible. For now, just pretend it's a black piece...and it only shows up in that photo by the way.

and let's also pretend the blue pins don't exist... Why Lego? Why did you forsake us?

Back of the torso up close time!

Yes, it does use Inika/Piraka parts. But I was sure to do something different with them. Also the body looks lacking without those two lower side additions. Trust me.

Hey, what about those legs? I bet you think they impede mobility...

NOPE! He can actually stand up straight. And it actually looks normal... unlike a certain green, bestial huna armor wearer I know.

So that is The Mad Blacksmith. Tell me what you guys think of him.

And before we go, Mad Blacksmith: THE THINKER:


It looks a bit like a red gadunka. Neat, but the hips are extremely unarmored.

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If I can work something out, sure.

I don't think so, but opinions will differ.

Going to be completely honest: I am not satisfied with the head. But yes, I like the legs too.

IMO I would have never guessed this guy was a blacksmith. Maybe give him a hammer? The lower chest looks ugly, and the back looks too flat. The head and legs are the best parts of the build.

Eyy! Another blacksmith Moc on the boards!

I find that it captures some aspects of Karzahni quite well, and most of the armor flows well together. It should have a broader chest though, or at least more armor to fill the shoulders in a bit more.

Torso seems a bit gappy, other than that it's fine.

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Gappy... Okay, I see where you're comming from. Not quite sure how to fix that at the moment.

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You'll find a way! My first self MOC was horrendously gappy, and now he's pretty solid.


It's times like this I wish I had the Spinax head.


7.6/10 fair rating,but Oh my goodness my first reaction was, " Whoa!"

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Ground up.

The feet look fine. they work I guess. the lower legs look the upper legs are gappy, skelital and skinny. the waist is awful looking, too wide, and too gappy, as well as too flat and boxy. the upper torso is a little bland, not much else to say about it. the shoulders are odd looking, and kinda awkward. the lower arms are okay, meh, but okay. the hands are whatever. they work. the head is great.

Sorry if that came off as mean, but I really do not like this MOC that much. it is flat and awkward, as well as gappy. and strange.

It doesn't come off as mean, just negative... which could be easily confused with being mean.

He's definitely got a lot of character to him and I really like that. His backstory is pretty cool, would love to see some of the weapons/armour he has made? To be brutally honest, the build is nothing special, but then again, it doesn't really matter, cause the story kinda makes up for it. Nice work lad.

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Unsophisticated Xevian Review:
I like it but it doesn't look like a blacksmith to me.

Cool moc if a bit basic in the torso and a bit gappy too.

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I like this overall. It definetly looks like something from Karzahni

I got to admit this looks pretty great!
But the lower torso looks gappy and the red and blue pins is a bit distracting.

This MOC has a bad case of @Rockho Syndrome, that is to say, a rectangular torso. The legs are gappy, the shoulders aren't armored enough, and blue pins.

I do like what you did with the head.



He looks like he wants Revengance for what they done to his creator

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This is actually really good. While it's flawed its still very creative and good.

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