The Magnificent 3

My first legit MOCs.

A toa team of 3, comprised of Kumal, Telina, and J4.

Kumal, Toa of Ice.
Armed with a Frostbite Spear and Icicle Claws. Leader of team.

Telina, Toa of Water.
Armed with twin hooks. Uses propellers for faster swimming speed.

J4 (Jonathan Jasper Jeremy Jones) Toa of Lightning.
Armed with an Electro-shock Sword and a Lightning Harpoon Launcher.
Group shot

(Credit to @Hawkflight and @Marendex_T17 for help with naming them)
I'm sorry for terribad quality and lighting.


Yay! I got to do something constructive!
(Namely inventing "The Magnificent 3" name)

I'm still calling them Poofy Hat White, Poofy Hat Blue, and Poofy Hat More Blue.

Because Poofy Hat.

All hail the poofy hat eh?

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