The Making of Kanoka and Kanohi

Exactly, though I was thinking that the disks may be better in a set range of impurities. For example, steel is made when the level of carbon in iron is enough for structural stability in the metal, but low enough to not cause brittleness like in cast iron. Same goes for gold and cement vs. concrete…unless ofcourse protodermis is like adamantium when fully pure.

Well, in this case I’d argue that any impurities are bad and here’s why: looking at it on a molecular level, I figured that the Protodermis molocules would be bonding one to one with the molecules of the other element, any impurities would take up a protodermis molecule weakening the overall bond. That being said, I figured that the Great Kanoka disks were so powerful because they were made with 100% pure Protodermis, which, if you know anything about purifying metals, you know that that is virtually impossible to achieve, thus why there is only one of each.

That would make sense on a molecular level, however I disagree about it bonding with the elements. I just believe in this case the protodermis is Zeus thunderbolt pure and the element is just innately imbued in the type of protodermis because it was crafted in said region.

Are you talking about the powers that are based on the Metru, like Le-Metru disks flying farther, or are you talking about the main power, like weakness or reconstitute at random? Because the main power has nothing to do with the region.

I know, but yes I meant metru specific traits. The protodermis is first mined or gathered from a specific source as there are multiple assumed types of protodermis, which gives it its unique power. The strength is determined by the maker’s skill and purity of the protodermis. And the protodermis takes on more physical traits because it is made in a certain region. Does that sound about right?


The only problem I have with this is that there is no mention of mines in Metru Nui, in fact the only mine we know about is The Great Mine in Onu-Koro on the island of Mata Nui. Metru Nui is described as a sprawling metropolis, seeing mines there would be like seeing one in New York City. I would say that all of the Protodermis in Metru Nui has probably already been mined, and that they are simply recycling Protodermis from scrap. That being said, I find it more likely that the Metru specific traits are due to a specific style of disk making used in that Metru, similar to how a katana is specific to Japan and a claymore is specific to Scotland, they are both swords but they have very different styles. As far as how the overall skill of the disk maker affects the power level of the disk made, I’d say this has to do with keeping out impurities during the molding process, being that a disk maker of less skill would make mistakes that would allow new impurities to enter the purified Protodermis during the molding process.

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Your first problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s important to bear in mind that the Protodermis used in Ta-Metru mainly came from Ga-Metru, being filtered from the Silver Sea. It’s also important to note that there were mines in Onu-Metru where liquid and solid Protodermis were found. [Source: BS01]

I’d be more likely to believe this theory if all Kanoka powers could be attributed to an element. However, this is not the case. There are 8 known Kanoka powers:

  • Reconstitutes at random
  • Freezes
  • Weakens
  • Removes poison
  • Enlarges
  • Shrinks
  • Regenerates

Out of all of these, only one has a clear correlation between Metru-Nui’s main 6 elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Stone, Air, and Ice: Freeze. Other relations are shaky at best, grasping at worst.

Even if you include the other 9 Matoran elements of Iron, Magnetism, Plantlife, Lightning, Gravity, Sonics, Psionics, Plasma, and Light, you’re still left with Kanoka powers that don’t quite fit.

Lastly, I can probably shut down this entire argument with a single sentence:

“Kanoka, named after the Matoran word for “disk,” are made from purified Liquid Protodermis , and contain different powers depending on the properties and purity of the Protodermis that is used.” - BS01

I suppose your argument could apply to Toa Disks, which are used to create Elemental Kanohi such as the Garai. Other than that, I don’t think this theory holds much water.


For them to have different properties implies that they are not pure Protodermis but instead some sort of alloy of Protodermis and some other element, not nescissarily element as in fire, water, ice ect. but as in periodic table element. as I said earlier:


I don’t see how this debunks my theory, but thanks for the new source!

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Ah. I apologize for misunderstanding you.

No problem, seriously though, thanks for the source, it’ll be really helpful.


Kanohi sound really complicated to make