The Makuta of Muaka Nui

I was going to post Dagarak again but I realized I hadn't shared this guy yet
The Makuta of Muaka Nui
An old Makuta who wanders around the dark caverns of the island, searching for something

He seems to be wearing a Kraahkan but who knows

I wanted to build a wheelchair like moc for some strange reason but realized none of my mocs sat in it, so I built a moc around it

After falling into energized Protodermis (that explains everything) the Makuta regained his strength and began his own plan to take over the island

I was originally going to build a large complex moc but I realized I didn't have any too good ideas which is why his legs look so much more complex compared to everything else however I think he does a nice job of looking menacing and having some nice poseability


Wheelchair 8D
That's so cool

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The big guy looks awesome and the small guy looks a turaga version of Makuta. The wheelchair is also well built.

I admit, whenever I see the word Makuta, I expect to see a large, detailed model. Doing a small Makuta in a wheelchair is unorthodox, and definitely thinking outside the box.

There's only one thing I don't like about it:

It makes me regret not having that idea first smile

Add a screen and you have Makuta Hawking.

It's like an evil Professor X.

Muaka Nui: land of the time-travellers.

as for the Mocs, well done, don't have any complaints.

Actually it's a dictatorship and you were kinda close, it's the island of dimensional travelers

It was a joke in reference to "MNOG with meso" y'know time-traveling muaka?
was serious about the mocs though, well done, I like the foot-shoulder design, clever.

I get the reference, just dropping some lore like Greg

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In that case sorry, it was the way you worded it(sounded like you didn't get it), hard to context text.