The Malicious Maw v2

Hello again! I really appreciated your comments, and I tried to make a slimmer and greater version, being more set-like.

I also tried to cover the gaps on the back, making it more solid in a level of covering the bone pieces.

I made an European sword for him, but I removed the guard to be more katana-like.

Thanks for the support!


Looks fairly good, I like the head, but it needs a little more cohesiveness

What do ya mean?

His legs and lower arms look extremely lanky for the large and broad torso.

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Alot of the armor don’t fit well

I liked the original better, it had mush more bulkiness to itt his has the physique of a titan from AoT, which i dont like. It needs much more bulkiness in the arms in legs.


I don’t really like that his legs are really skinny and then he gets really bulky at the torso.

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Either the chest is too big, or the arms are too small. Like opposite gorilla-syndrome.