The Mask Makers apprentice

Long before the events of G2, the masks of power were created and handed down from mask maker to mask maker.

The next in line to receive the mask of creation was Hafu, a villager of stone, a skilled craftsman, and the close friend of the soon to be bearer of the mask of control, Nuhrii.

Later they were to train their successors,

the brothers, Ekimu and Makuta.

Though their memories lost to time, Ekimu still blames Nuhrii for his brothers betrayal.


Simple but very well done.

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Nice. I'm not sure how to feel about the ribcage... thing. Might want to refine that to look more armor-like or whatever you were trying to do. Anyway this is a good MOC.


Your Fired

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sort of magical energy shields based partially on the orbiters from Kid Icarus. I would have liked them to float, but no clear bones exist, so, eh.

I thought the upside down ribcage looked like a sort of energy-crystal-fire-stuff behind the addons, as well as matched the spires of the MoC.


For some reason I am thinking about brooms right now...

Great MOC by the way.


What's with the rib cages on his shoulders?

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Looks good, a nice simple moc.

Nice MOC.