The Mask of Consumption (a.k.a. the mask of gappyness)

My entry to the mask maker compitition

A long time ago on the ancient island of Okoto, a great sickness enveloped the land, all who were infected became extremely hungry and emaciated. Ekimu the mask maker had begun to forge a mask that would help combat the sickness. From the element of ice, the mask of fullness would make each meal ten times as filling and energy filled. How ever as Ekimu was finishing his cure, he became ill with the same plague. Ekimu’s brother Makuta in an attempt to save Ekimu began to finish the mask. Makuta however accidentally used the element of earth with the mask. When he struck the final blow of his hammed the mask shattered leaving a jagged and horrifying abomination of a mask. Fearing of its power, Makuta called a local villager in to test it. When the infected villager placed on the mask, he became extremely emaciated and skeletal, the villager began to eat every bit of food in site, but his hunger was not satisfied and soon he turned to Makuta. Planning on devouring the mask maker the villager ran towards him only to have the mask knocked off his face. When the mask separated from the villager, it killed him. Not wanting anyone to know of his failure, Makuta place the villagers broken body into the fire pit and threw the mask into the pit below the city of the mask makers. The mask faded into legend along with the sickness, all but forgotten until being found by a wandering skull spider.


I know gears have nice teeth but jeezus

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Whoa, nice story there! It actually have similar concept with my entry. I guess great minds do think alike. :grinning:

Behold, my “Mask of Ingestion”! :grin:

EDIT: Aren’t you supposed to post the images on the BIONICLE’s facebook page to enter the competition?

I love the gears and teeth, but you may want to clean it up a tad. :smile:

Oh, wow, those pistons on the cheeks. :heart_eyes: I always draw scary robots with pistons there.

You submit your entry picture there, but you you are still entered if you just do a regular post

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Wow this is amazing the top view looks a lot like a miru

Is the jaw mobile?

yes but one of the spikes has to be removed for it to move fully

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I really want to see this being worn…

The three pictures of it being worn are on Facebook,

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Love the bio. The colour scheme is pretty good too