The Mask of Knowledge: My #BionicleMaskMaker Entry

Not quite as good as a lot of the others I've seen, but still! It's pretty good!

An extremely legendary and craved mask, the Mask of Imagination is a mask that, if the bearer is not powerful enough, can be too much, destroying them! The thing on the forehead is almost to represent that of a doctor, as they must be very knowledgeable about medical procedures.

Without further ado, the Mask of Imagination!

Yes, it fits onto faces! XD


Maybe you could straighten the mask out a bit. It's kinda... crumbling.


It's not, actually! The mask just has quite a few pieces, and I didn't feel like posing all of them :stuck_out_tongue: but in all honesty, the mask is actually very stable in person. :smile:

Gosh people stop making such amazing masks I want a chance to win!!!

I know, right? XD