The Mask of Knowledge

I made this for a community project. Figured I’d post it here, too.

This is the Mask of Knowledge. It presents the wielder with unlimited knowlege of the universe. However, the wielder is rendered eternally mute, as some things are not meant to be known. Ironically, no one knows where it is. The runes are Okotan for “all”. Comments welcome! This is my first attemp at drawing on a tablet


Pretty nice! I like the textured look the mask part has.


I like how the face kinda looks elderly…that or he has something in his mouth

The texture was actually just some preset thing I used, funnily enough. Thanks!
@Rockho Thanks!

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I still like it. It looks all ancient and stuff.

Seems interesting. Anyone else see the horizontal line under the eyes as a mouth?

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That was sort of the intent behind it. Or a joining of two sections of the mask.

It reminds me of Shovel Knight’s helmet.

“However, the wielder is rendered eternally mute, as some things are not meant to be known.”

I love this stipulation; keeps it from being too over-powered. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just use your infinite knowledge to invent a pen…

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Or you know, visit reddit… I’m sure someone with infinite knowledge could settle a lot of arguments over there…

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I um… actually hadn’t thought of that. I guess it’s more of a curse that utterly prevents the knowledge from being shared? Or anything written down would immediately be forgotten by anyone that reads it. Now, as far as sign language goes… yeah…

Fair point.

Nevermind, way too overpowered. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice. I like the texturing on its forehead and the general shaping of the mask. That and the power of it is pretty cool.

I personally don’t like the horns, but it still looks interesting.

The horns are their own galaxies. Amazing.

Thanks for the comments!

Cool design, but I don’t think it fits too well with Bionicle.

Saw this on the topic, gonna leave a link here:

Out of curiosity, why is that? Any feedback would be helpful.