The Memories of Turaga

Here's a story I posted on BZP awhile back that I keep forgetting to post here. Enjoy!

“I need to find another mask,” said Tahu. “If Kopaka gets them all before I do, I’ll never live it down.”
“Patience, Toa Tahu,” said Vakama. “The quest for the masks is not a race.”
“Easy for you to say.”
Turaga Onewa chose that very moment to enter the room. “Oh…I’m sorry, Vakama. I didn’t think you would still be…occupied.”
“Pay it no heed, Onewa. I’ll be done talking to Tahu in just a moment.”
“Very well.”
Vakama turned back to face Tahu. “To find the Kanohi Pakari, you must first seek strength within yourself. Go think on this.”
Visibly annoyed at the cryptic words, Tahu replied with a stiff, “Very well, Turaga,” and left Vakama’s hut.
“What did you mean by that?” asked Onewa.
“Nothing, actually…“
“Well, you see, brother…that's why I summoned you. I have a problem,” said Vakama. “I can’t remember where I hid the Pakari.”
“You forgot? You forgot where you put one of the keys to Makuta’s defeat?”
“It was a thousand years ago! I can’t be expected to keep track of all the masks for that long.”
“Don’t tell me…”
“I…I may have forgotten where a few of the others are.”
“A few?”
“Well…all of them.”
“Oh, Karzahni,” swore Onewa. “How has Tahu found any masks at all?”
“So far, I’ve just told him cryptic things, and he’s always come back with one. I have no idea how he does it. But this can’t be allowed to go on. If there’s one he can’t find, I cannot keep feeding him mumbo-jumbo forever.”
Suddenly, a tall figure sped into the room. When it came to a halt, the two Turaga realized that it was Pohatu.
“Turaga Onewa! Hafu told me I could find you here. I was wondering if you could clue me in to where to find any more masks?”
“What mask are you looking for, Toa?”
“Well, I reckon the Hau could come in handy.”
“Then the Hau it is. Seek the Mask of Shielding in the Place That Is Protected.”
“Um, as you say, Turaga.” With that, Pohatu sped off.
“Oh dear,” said Vakama. “Is there something you haven’t been telling me, Onewa?”
The Turaga of Po-Koro drew a heavy breath. “I may not have the best memory, either.”
“Oh, Karzahni. This is a fiasco. What can we do?”
“Well, the Toa seem to be doing well on their own so far. Perhaps following one of them to a mask might help refresh our memories?”
“That’s a silly, ridiculous, and pointless plan,” said Vakama. “It just might work.”
“My thoughts exactly,” said Onewa. “Let’s go find Tahu; he can’t be too far.”

The two Turaga caught up with the Toa of Fire after about half an hour. He was wandering the rocky slopes of the Mangai Volcano.
“What in Mata Nui’s name are you doing here?” asked Tahu.
“We wish to observe your mask-finding process,” Vakama told him. “It will give us insight into your inner character.”
“Whatever,” said Tahu. “Try not to get in my way.”
“We wouldn’t dream of it,” said Onewa.
They wandered about for several moments. Suddenly, to the north, they heard a rock bounce against the mountain. Immediately, Tahu headed towards the sound.
“Where are you going, Toa Tahu?” asked Vakama.
“To the noise. Whenever I start hearing noises like that, it means I’m getting close to a mask.”

Concealed behind a pile of rocks, a lone Matoran smiled. Tahu would have his Pakari soon. He picked up a second rock, and threw it.

A second noise came from higher up the side of the mountain. Looking towards it, Tahu noticed a rocky outcropping in the middle of a stream of lava.
“That must be where the mask is!” he exclaimed. He eagerly bounded up the slope. When he got near the outcropping, he equipped his Miru and floated over the lava stream. There was the Pakari, just as he’d suspected. He placed the Mask of Strength on his face, and instantly felt a surge of power. He leapt off the outcropping, landing right next to the pair of Turaga.
“Incredible,” remarked Vakama. “Does this happen every time?”
“It does,” answered Tahu. “I can't explain why.”
“Perhaps some things are not meant to be known,” Vakama mused. “Perhaps Mata Nui has a way of ensuring important things happen, no matter what obstacles lie in the way.” He glanced slyly at Onewa.

“Perhaps so. In any event, let us return to Ta-Koro. This volcano is no place for a Turaga of Stone.”

Behind his pile of rocks, Kapura breathed a sigh of content. Toa Tahu was one mask closer to defeating Makuta, and his beloved teacher’s secret was safe. He slinked off to guide Pohatu to his Hau. If anyone asked why he was gone for so long, he could simply say he had been practicing.


That's pretty good. write more

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Yessir. Right away, sir. stuck_out_tongue


What @Matoro said.


@Matoro @Ekorak I'm going to be shamelessly self-promoting and point out that although they aren't Bionicle-related, I've posted a couple of other stories on here. smiley

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Should prolly actually comment on this. >.>

But yeah, I find the headcanon that Both Onewa and Vakama forgot their mask locations to be one I can really get behind. XD

I really like the concept and execution, well done good sir


Thanks! And something tells me Vakama and Onewa weren't the only ones who forgot... grins evilly


I like to imagine that Nuju would be like, the only one who remembered, if not also Whenua.

Because Whenua's job is to remember stuff, and Nuju likely wouldn't bother himself with chastising the others for losing track like one would expect of Nokama, or Matau as a "Shoe's on the Other Foot Now!" sorta thing, since he was something of the Butt Monkey of the Metru.

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I had similar thoughts, though Nuju's line about "the place of far-seeing" was actually part of the inspiration for this. Ko-Wahi is on a mountain; just about all of it is a place of far-seeing! He totally could have just forgotten (though I don't think he did; it's not like him) and made up a generic clue that would be true no matter what. But yeah, Matau definitely forgot his, Nokama I'm not sure about (I tend to think she'd probably remember, since she was usually the "responsible" one when they were Toa, but it would be hilarious if she forgot...) and Whenua probably remembers his.


I totally agree.

I think either way would work well.


I doubt Nokama would forget. If anything, she'd write it down.
Plus, in the comics, she points out to Gali a specific peak where one of her masks is.
Now you need to explain how Kapura knows where the masks are.

  1. Not sure if she'd write it down; she might not want to risk that kind of info getting out. But maybe. And you're right, it's unlikely she'd allow herself t forget in any case. I just think it'd be really funny if she did. smiley Maybe there's just one she can't remember or something.
  2. I'd forgotten that from the comics until now. I think that was in the second issue?
  3. Hm, I don't know if I want to explain that. Kapura should be an enigma, IMO. Plus, he's very intuitive, so it's possible he just figured them out on his own.

Thanks for the feedback, in any case. I take it you enjoyed it? smile


Yes, I quite enjoyed it.
That was in the second issue. In the same issue, Matau points Lewa to one of his masks. However, all we get from it Lewa saying the Mask is underwater. It'd be funny if all Matau remembered was dropping it in a lake somewhere, so all he said to Lewa was "The mask you seek is underwater."


I may have to use this if I write a sequel. :smiley:



I don't recall an "if."



Tahu was looking for a RED PAKARI!

'Nuff said.


So that's whats Kapura's been doing.

Wonderful story. I greatly enjoyed it.


@KyoryuYellow1138 I only got that reference by using the search feature. XD

@tahtorak Thanks!


Is that how Kapura got a Ruru (mask of night vision) after being rebuilt on Naming day? Very good point!

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