The Mighty Tuma

Just a little followup to my Omega Tahu picture.

I promise I’ll stop.


its gr8 mate!

do u r8 8/8?

yush i do r8 8/8

gr8 thnx m8

never stop ever

The Mighty Tuna.



tuna that is mighty

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You’re right. It’s too addicting. I must keep going.

The Mighty Tuna will easily crush the pitiful Flanta-Nui(For those who remember that incident.)

Leonardo Di Vinci would be Jealous of this Master Piece


What incident?

I take it you’re not familiar with EDICTARTS then?

Who’s that?

EDICTARTS is, er…was a very popular Bio tuber known for humorous and loud videos.

As well as a very infamous “war” with a guy named gnomieboy. Which was more of "EDICT laughed at gnomieboy’s stuff, and gnomieboy attacked him, and was then met with more laughter.

Would you like a link to the original incident? It’s a Youtube video…

Yes please! Sounds pretty funny

The original video. No clue where gnomie’s responses are…


Hopefully Edictarts get’s back to more Bionicle stuff once it returns.

Magnificent! ~Pyrox

this time make more hype trains potaos and floating eljays, rainbow horn meso, omega tahu and ebay, venom, tuma kahi, vipers, and inviticus spreading tumaism across arizonia…all in one picture

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