The Minecraft Legend

Hey there! I think is time to tell you about this Minecraft Legend: the Entity 424. I will tell you what my cousin told me, because he is the only person that I know who met the Entity. I made it fast, so sorry… I will name my cousin Ghabix, because this is his self-moc’s name. OK, here is his story:

Anomaly 1: The first night.
Ghabix have his own crew, named the Mustache Gang. Last winter, he, his best friend, Mihai, and another 8 members downloaded Minecraft on their laptops, because over that day, they played only on tablets. They downloaded some mods and a map. That map was a huge island. They made a nice city next to a mountain. Instead of making some weapons, they went to the mountain. When there was night, they arrived on the top of the mountain, and saw their nice island transforming into a hell. The water transformed in acid, the grass in dirt, the stone in gravel and the wood in rotted wood. This meant that they couldn’t do weapons anymore, because the rotted wood was uncraftable. The worst thing was that they were stuck on the mountain.
- So… one guy said… How do we get out of here?
- Simple! Ghabix said.
My cousin kicked the guy and he felled from the mountain.
- Are you alive?
Nobody answered. Ghabix turned to the others.
- Who is the next?
- I am alive!
- Miracle!
- I will kill you! Wait, what the… HELP! HELP ME!!!!!!
Then he didn’t said anything, but a giant roar scared everybody. They finally started to run over the place where their friend felled. They saw his dead body, with a giant red scar. (Redstone) Blood was everywhere. They started to run and closed themselves into the town hall of the city all night.

Anomaly 2: Gucci, the red monster
Next day, the Mustache Gang took some items who were looking as weapons (flowers, sticks, dirt and gravel) and separated in four teams and started to search for the monster who killed their friend. Ghabix and Mihai were together. They searched all day, but when there was night, they returned to the city. But there, before they could enter in the Town Hall, a giant red creature attacked them. Three guys died. Ghabix and the others entered in the Town Hall and the creature disappeared. From that day, Ghabix named the creature Gucci.

Anomaly 3: The dead of the island.
That night, everybody exit from the Town Hall and haunted Gucci. But, how you can guess, after they found him, they ran away. Gucci followed them and killed some of them. In the end, only Ghabix and Mihai survived. They arrived on a beach and saw a light in the sky. It was a helicopter! The pilot saw them and took them right when Gucci appear on the beach.
Ghabix believed that they were saved.
- We survived! Mihai said.
He was with the back at the island. Ghabix was the only one who saw how two gigantic stones exit from the ocean and covered the island, like if they ate it. Then the rocks entered again in water, and the island disappeared. Ghabix was shocked.
- What? Mihai asked him.

After this three anomalies, a loooooooooot of things happened, but I think you will not be very interested about apocalyptic things. The idea is that they crashed on another island, Gucci appeared and took them.

Anomaly 4: The entity appear.
They awaked into a cage. Around the cage there were a lot of science guy, studying them. Next to him there was another dude.
- Who are you? Ghabix said.
- I am Jimi, I am here for ten years.
- We need to get out of here! Who are those guys?
- They study us.
- Why?
- Because he want this!
- Who?
- Doesn’t matter! Mihai said.
He started to make a whole in the cage. It took a while, but he succeed. They ran away into the building where they were, but Gucci appeared, with a guy on him. Gucci killed Mihai. Ghabix and Jimi exit from the build. Then, Ghabix can’t believe what he saw. The build was on a giant dirt cube, under the bedrock. They looked in their back and saw Gucci. The dude who was on him jumped next to him. He had a black skin, with some sort of armor, and purple dust fling around him. Jimi was killed by a lighting very fast, and Ghabix was killed by the Entity too.

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why this

Weeeeeeee....eeeel, because when he met the entity I was playing a game with dragons. I win a new one and I asked a friend to give me a good name for it. He named it Gucci. Ghabix heard about it and this is why he named 424's pet Gucci.

Weird, I know.

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This was an incredibly good tale and a suspenseful read. Keep it up!

No, this is a true story. If you want more, ask the entity.

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I want you to tell more this is really good.

@Toa_Vladin This has actually gotten my dusty creative cogs in my head spinning again. Can I write.something loosely based on this?

Yes, why not?

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It's customary to ask the original creator before doing something related to their work.

Do you mean the Entity? My cousin is a victim!

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Of course, my condolences

He didn't died in the real live! He died in game!

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The proceeds will be given to his wife and kids.

He is 13 years-old. :unamused:

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...His self moc?