The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals

A BIONICLE comedy series created by one of my favorite bio tubers, TheIdsStudios, this series has some fun humor and equally fun characters. What are your guys thoughts? What are your favorite episodes?



I think the entirety of the Jevik? Storyline is great. :smile:


It’s okay.
Just is similar to other stuff.

boring where is jevik part 3

I don’t really see anything modern that competes with it, with its more interesting characters, storylines, etc.

I don’t really see it, but I guess it depends on your tastes.

I guess you didn’t understand that reference.
One day on some video a few years/months back, a random guy posted, “boring where’s jevik part 3.” Some users (including me) use it as a running joke whenever Ids posts a new video.


I didn’t; I usually avoid the comment section. :grimacing:

Now I really want to see that comment’s replies. :laughing:

go to the video and go to the comments section


Jevik… not even once

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Not to be that guy, but when I created the show in 2010, it was really the only voice acted sitcom style bionicle show (robomaniac had a precursor style, but it’s more like skits, and IBionicle had just started out at the same time, though once again was less sitcom-esque) in a landscape of serious text video series’s and comedy series relying on animating family guy audio and stuff of the like. Since then onipex-style clones have been a dime a dozen, so yeah it might be similar to other stuff, but thats a product of imitation.

Also, thank you OP for your viewership! :slight_smile: