The Monster: a Hallowen MOC

I created this just recently for the BCC MOCtober competition. I’m working on a video, but here are some pictures:

A closeup of its blade/arm thing:

It has mutated insect wings, shrunken to the point of nonfunction.

Here are its horribly mutated legs

And its claw:

It also a tail, you can kind of see it in the other pictures, but I can’t upload it because it’s too big.
Also this is now part of the Spooky Scary MOCs [Contest] by SpookMeister.


Goodness gracious! It reminds me of the Creature from Frankenstein!
Automatic 10/10 from me. Here, have a cookie. :cookie:


Thanks! First MOC and already 10/10!

the mutation level is dangerously high
i love it

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The video is here (it is also my first youtube video; I’m planning on starting a channel)

Deffinetly got the monster aspect across :thumbsup:

My only complaints are that it is very spindlely and asemericall. But that might be what you were going for or from lack of parts. overall I give it 7/10, still pretty good! :smiley:

Actually, the point was to be asymmetrical, as he is super mutated.
P.S. It’s pretty cool seeing someone else from the Lego Message Boards. Nice to know you’re here!

It’s monstrous, that’s for sure. Reapa’s mask works well for that.

This thing is creepy lookin’, and the Toxic Reapa head works well, but I think if he was super bulky it’d work better. But, he certainly does look mutated. :smile:

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Okay here is my official score cause you entered this in @SpookMeister’s MOC contest! Since the contest is out of ten I will use this system!


So that is a 5/10! An okay job :neutral_face:

Build: 2
Creativity: 3
Spook: 2

I give it is an 7 outta 10.

Tries to prevent self from using self’s own system.