The most emotional on-screen moment

Pretty much half of Agents of SHIELD at this point, particularly the end of season 1. :cry:

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The boy in the striped pajamas was so sad…

I was also really sad when in borderlands 2 You have to help Angel commit suicide so she can be free from her abusive father, handsome jack. As you try and free her (which she knows will kill her), Jack is screaming at you not to hurt his “baby girl”, and when she dies, it’s so sad… Especially in a game otherwise so funny and not serious.

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I watched that in English on Friday.
I don’t cry easily, but I think I did.

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I think everybody cried over either the book or the movie. It’s just such a sad story, especially told through a child’s eyes…


Dobby’s death, Snape’s death, and the 19-year fast forward ending of Deathly Hallows Part 2. The first ten or so minutes of Up also count for me.

Oh, and Laurel’s death in Arrow Season 4. Made me stop watching the show because she was my favorite character.


The music that played in that scene is incredibly fitting, and just over all the last few episodes are terrific in my opinion.

Leaves on the vine from Avatar


This sums up my feelings for the series as a whole.

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Oh boy, Soul of Cinder in DS3..

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Every time a unit dies in Fire Emblem, especially in the more recent ones
The way the music cuts out, how the slashing sound effect echoes…
Gets me sad.


The ending of Elysium. I genuinely cried at the end. The feels were real.

I actually did cry when I saw that for the first time…

That movie’s end felt… Forced to me.
Like they really could have avoided it, but they just wanted to hit you in the feels.

Y’know what.

Martin Septim Sacrifice.

That was a Really low hit for me.

(I don’t know why i’m spoiler-tagging this, frankly.)

me too

In all seriousness here are some I can think of.

Harry Potter: Harry talking to the ghost of Sirius, his parents and others I can’t remember right now before he lets Voldermort kill him

Star Wars The Force Awakens: Han falling after Kylo Ren kills him

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Hoenheim’s final words while sitting in front of Trisha’s grave

Clannad After Story: Tomoya apologizing to Ushio for leaving her.


The end to Star Wars rebels season two I genuinely cried myself to sleep after the look that Rex gives Ezra

In force awakens you probably know the scene I’m talking about

There a few scenes that brought me to tears while reading the deathly hallows


And Lupin.

Turns out we already had a topic like this. How odd.