The most frustrating toy you've ever bought

Title says it all. The most frustrating toy I’ve ever bought is probably Beast Wars Retrax. He’s a cool toy, but his arm gimmick activates too easily.


The most frustrating toy I ever owned was this Liger-mech thing. It was really cool, but… it had no off-switch. Randomly in the middle of the night, my family would hear this roar every so often. The best part was how long the batteries lasted; a decade. A whole freakin’ decade. It was frustrating.


Bionicle sets.

Naw, I’d say the Neo Shifters with Sideswipe Mechtech Deluxe being my 2nd most frustrating toy.


Could you post a picture? Also, can’t you just remove the batteries?

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I would say that it would be my '08 Star Destroyer; man that thing falls apart easier than Kinetic Sand.


What’s the issue with Sideswipe? Neo Shifters are awesome but the joints break too easily.

I got Generations OrionPax at Comicon a couple years ago.
The clips that lock the upper torso in place in robot mode where WAY to strong.
It took me days to actually transform him. It also means I can’t properly transform him into robot mode without getting it stuck…

I’m at college, so no. And I think we tried but we gave up because we couldn’t figure it out, it was weird. Eventually it just became a game of “how long will it last?” I think it died a year or two ago.

I didn’t like it. It practically broke by the 2nd week I had it.

My Makuta 03 he doesnt pose right :confused:


I also have found extreme frustration with some of the older Glyos Robo Force figures. The problem goes away the more you assemble and disassemble them, but the plastic was way too strong and the pieces were way too thick (the peg system requires the PVC to flex, and the plastic was super thick and super hard). Fortunately, they now use much softer plastic.

Jack in the box.
Stupid stupid clown-jester!

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NEOSHIFTERS! Literally the worst thing to come out of Megabloks.


I got this building toy just this year, and I really hated it. The arms flopped around due to a poorly designed function, the face kept falling off, and it had too many colors.


Hmmm, Gavla and Ehlek where annoying. I dunno, I once got a whole bunch of cheep Lego knock off sets, which broke whilst being built, man I regret buying those…

Neo Shifters. Great idea, but dang was it hard to assemble.

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Do puzzles count? Because I hated that Sudoku cube.

Pretty much anything not transformers or Legos. Because they do nothing but stand around and take up space!!!


neo shifters I got one for my birthday a long time ago even before bionicles were a part of my life it was missing half the pieces and broke a day later

If you want to talk about “taking up space” then I might need to show you a picture of my entire toy collection.