The Museum Topic

They can be neat
Or they can be dull…
Containing things cool, old
Or dead like a skull.

Little poem, but go ahead, let’s talk about them!


I love museums. It’s always nice to see a little bit of history and artifacts.

In fact, one of my favorite TV shows on nowadays is “Mysteries at the Museum” where they take an artifact and tell of it’s background in history.


I once had an internship at the swedish museum of natural history. IT was very cool to go backstage at sweden’s biggest museum. Sadly i can’t share any pictures of what i saw there


Well, museums can have spiders in them. Spiders are cool.

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YES! I love that show. :smile:


My mom works at an art museum.

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There’s a world class (I think) museum in Thermopolis Wyoming. Its even close to the world’s largest mineral hot spring.

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I like Museums

gonna necropost in here because I didn’t see it until just now ayyyy

For the past 5 months, I’ve been working as a “tour guide” at a historical mill/museum, and I wanted to throw out a pointer for you guys:

Ask your guide as many (relevant) questions as you can think of.

Even if it seems like a stupid question, it’ll make your guide’s job a lot easier. Our goal is to supply information, and unless we’re giving a robotic speech, asking questions helps out a ton. The more stuff we give you, the better we feel about ourselves, and the more you’ll learn! Plus, a lot of us are really enthusiastic about our topics, so we love to talk about them.