The Mystic Mod Shield of Nyran Altair

So, y’know how in some artistic representations of myself I have a Mystic Mod Shield, such as @Political_Slime’s MOC and Sour Knight Armor representations of me(If you could provide pics, am too lazy) and also @MaximumWarp’s art of myself vs. @Scarilian

However, now it’s not just gonna be an art thing

I’ve secretly been working on making it real.

This is something my Dad’s had for a while, and it supposedly bears the crest of some guy with the surname Benedict out there(I don’t care that you know my last name, there’s tons of folks with the name.) back in the old days and such.

And so taking that, along with other factors that my Shield seems to have, such as my color Blue, my primary color(outside silver): Black, and the classical shape, I have made this thing:

It’s being supported up against the corner of the wall by some blankets and my stuffed frog Alexandrovich.

It’s pretty decently sized, if I do say so myself. The Lion, ATM, is paper that’s like, taped on and such. It’s just something so I can see how it will look when I get to painting and such. I just wanted to see it faster to share here.

Also of note: It can be worn like a shield, on the left arm. Considering that I am left-handed, this may have been stupid in hindsight.

As proof that this is mine, here it is with my Self-MOC, Toa Nyran.

And here it is with the crest thing. I forgot the brick on the Lion on the shield, but it prolly wouldn’t have looked good anyway in Blue. So yeah, this be progress on my Real Life Mystic Mod Shield.


I think the secret part is gone…

In all seriousness, this is actually a pretty cool project. The lion looks quite detailed. Maybe you could add a lego brick instead of the brick that the crest has, in a different shade of blue?

Now you just need a life-sized kakama to go with it :smile:

I would have the same problem…

Alexandrovich sounds like a really ■■■■■■ frog.


Looks like I have less time to make my Kakama than I thought…

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Srsly tho thats pretty cool

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but yeah, this looks pretty epic so far nyran. GJ!


Now that’s awesome

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Looks super stellar! I plan on making my own armor sometime in the future :laughing: Keep it up!

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